Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jim Ryun: Not from Kansas anymore

In pouring over filing reports recently submitted to the Kansas Ethics Commission, a keen-eyed observer noted something tremendously interesting in the report filed by Kansans for Life.

It shows that former Congressman Jim Ryun gave the anti-abortion political organization $75 on February 7, 2007.

That, of course, isn't surprising, or even potentially interesting- everyone expects single issue politicians like Jim to support their out-of-the-mainstream political action committees.

No, what was interesting was that the former Kansas Congressman listed his address on that contribution as his infamous sweetheart-of-a-deal house on D Street in Washington, DC, not his "home" in Lawrence.

Innocent error? The congressman didn't actually mean to say he lived in Washington, DC rather than here in Kansas?

That would be believable if not for the fact this was just one of a half dozen instances where the then sitting US Congressman or his wife "forgot" they were from Kansas and listed their DC address along with donations- dating back to 2004. (Please click here, here or here We'd also encourage you to run your own search on

Each one of those "mistakes" tells you exactly where Jim and Anne consider themselves from now- even while Jim represented us- badly- in Congress, he thought of his house on D Street as home.

You know, honestly, that $75 to Kansans for Life in February 2007 would been the very least innocuous of all of these donations under normal circumstances, seeing as he was no longer supposed to be representing the 2nd Congressional District in the House and it was then fine for him to be from Washington, DC- but, oh, wait! He'd already told a gathering of Kansas Republicans he was planning on running for "his" seat again!

The people of Kansas knew Jim Ryun wasn't really one of them we've got some evidence he doesn''t really, either.


Anonymous said...

He only donated $75 to them? What a cheapskate!

Anonymous said...

i know..that's what stopped me at first, too...he gives TINY amounts of money.

Anonymous said...

Duh, he's a fiscal conservative.

Anonymous said... he'll spend billions on the war in iraq, but won't fork out a grand to support his own party. I love it!

Anonymous said...

lol....not just his party, it's his raison d'etre! If you're a single-issue candidate, you'd think that you'd support that issue as much as you possibly can.

Anonymous said...

We are sure reaching on this one, that's all you have.

Anonymous said...

who's reaching? ryun's reaching when he says boyda's wrong on immigration..she's done more in 1 year than he did in 10

Anonymous said...

so some of you are really kidding around about this, but I'm really upset by it...I mean Ryun seriously wants to be my congressperson but he doesn't even pretend to live here anymore?

that makes me sure i'd never vote for him again, and I was thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

ryun's reaching when he says boyda's wrong on immigration..she's done more in 1 year than he did in 10

Refresh my memory. What has been done on immigration in the last year?

Anonymous said...

BOYDA has done more than Ryun did...she's sponsored legislation to keep unsafe trucks from Mexico from coming into the country, she voted to fund the border fence, she was one of the only democrats in the entire body to say "no" to anmensty.

SHE's done a lot...

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