Thursday, January 31, 2008

BREAKING: Lynn Jenkins raises next to nothing!

Our updates are complete with Lynn Jenkins numbers, and, let me tell you, these are the best of the night!

4Q raised: A tiny, measly $90,376.52!!!! (Even less than Nick Jordan raised)
Cycle to Date: $406,377.37

Again, the number that pushes us all forward:
Cash on hand: $416,241.73 (it's higher than contributions because of some pesky "other receipts."

So, this quarter ends like all the others: with Nancy Boyda leading in the number that matters most: cash on hand. It's a little different this quarter, though...because she's got almost twice as much as Jim Ryun and hundreds of thousands more than Lynn Jenkins.

Here's the big question, though: what on Earth happened to Lynn Jenkins, CPA?


Anonymous said...

Boyda also owes her husband almost $300,000 from the campaign. Take that out of the campaign numbers and see how close they are. Also Boyda brought Pelosi in and raised a bunch of money, plus lots of PACS and stuff she said she was against. Nobody is blaming Boyda for taking Lobbyist money and exchanging it for earmarks, but don't campaign on changing Washington and then brag about your earmarks. Nancy is in trouble no matter how much money she has.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing Jenkins isn't even worried about Boyda yet, but the answer to your question on what happened to Lynn was, she just buried Jim Ryun in cash on hand and is using her money wisely. Once the Republican candidate is decided, both of them will have all the money they need to bury Boyda. Voters are figuring out Boyda's Clintonesque doublespeak.

Anonymous said...

you're so full of it

boyda's debt is owed to herself and it's from 2004.

god, the desperation the republicans through out when they don't get their way...Boyda kicked as this quarter, and both Lynn and Jim got smacked hard...particularly Lynn. The fact she was outraised by Nick Jordan should scared the mods in the 2nd to death.

Anonymous said...

oh my god she bared raised anything! how hilarious!

so much for the savior of the moderates...

Anonymous said...

wow thats really unfortunate - I would have thought the KS GOP would be excited to get someone like Lynn through the primary as a viable candidate... but no more

Anonymous said...

MY GOD i'm shocked! how horrible! how laughable!

Anonymous said...

so this means jim's the nominee...which means Boyda's still in congress.

somebody shoot me.

Anonymous said...

If Jenkins would just promise some earmarks when she gets to Washington and maybe then she can have some Washington lobbying firms throw her fundraisers like Boyda.

Anonymous said...

That's even more impressive if Jenkins could raise most of her $500,000+ in about 4 months.

Just think if she was fundraising all of the time like Boyda and Ryun.

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