Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nancy Boyda: In your corner, on your corner

We've done our level best since this blog went live in October to trumpet all of Nancy Boyda's successes, and we've brought you links to articles published in newspapers districtwide that support the very important, very real message that Congresswoman Boyda has spent a full year voting with her district, securing funds for projects in her district, and, probably most importantly, coming home and talking to people that live in her district.

Former Congressman Jim Ryun got kicked out on his tail because 1) people in the district decided he was corrupt (bingo!) and 2) they suddenly all realized they only saw him during election years. That makes sense, since he didn't really think of Kansas as his home anymore- he didn't have any reason to come back here.

That certainly hasn't been the case with Rep. Nancy Boyda. From our count, there have only been 3 or 4 weekends out of all of 2007 that Nancy Boyda didn't make it back to her district for some public event- far, far better than the vast majority of members of Congress, and much more time back at home than most of the rest of the freshmen class.

Boyda's record would be nearly perfect if it wasn't for her two trips to Iraq (which is one more, by the way, than our former member of Congress made to Iraq in his entire term...), and the new member orientation that was held the very first weekend after she was sworn in.

When she's back in Kansas, the very best component part of her constituent service program is "Congress on Your Corner," which literally brings the constituent services folk out of her two district offices and brings them to cities up and down the district. They're always packed and they always run long, because Nancy insists on talking to each and every person that wants to talk to her.

Congresswoman Boyda's got a great map on her web site that shows all of her Congress on Your Corners- and every other public event she's had since being elected to Congress. Please, partake.

Honest to goodness, we haven't had a member of Congress like Nancy Boyda since Jim Slattery left office, and it's that kind of over-and-above effort that will give her her much-deserved 2nd term.


Anonymous said...

You're totally right to say it's Boyda's constituent services that will win her re-election. And, no, people, i'm not talking about her DC office, I'm talking about the people on the ground in Kansas. My cousin was taking a trip to Europe this last summer, and the people in Boyda's Topeka office worked and worked to get her her passport.

Even if Boyda does lose, who ever wins should think about keeping whoever works on constituents services in their job.

Anonymous said...

i've had a similar time with her Topeka people and on a passport problem, too.

Now, letters to her DC office on legislative issues is another thing entirely...I've always had a a response, and the letters are have been very good (responding to my actual concern) but they take forever to get back.

Anonymous said...

Well I doubt Lynn Jenkins will keep Boyda's constituent services staff since typically the staff in those offices worked on the campaign of the office holder.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know from Boyda why she voted against the bailout package?

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