Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lynn Jenkins Ceepeeaye

OK, no, we aren't going to call the Treasurer of the State of Kansas anything other than her name, Lynn Jenkins, because we aren't nearly as childish as the good people of that other Nancy Boyda blog (that one that doesn't like her very much, you know the one...), but we all found this comment really, really funny:

"Did you know, for instance, that Lynn is a CPA?"

LOL....judging by her tv commercials, I assumed that her full name was Lynn Jenkins-Ceepeeaye.
This follow-up was particularly funny, too:
that actually is her legal name..that's why she has to have "CPA" on all her yard signs
Our readership always spikes when Lynn gets a mention...dunno why. We'd love to talk about her more, and we will- the very next time she makes the news.


Anonymous said...

The poll everyone is yapping about does exist. It was not a Boyda poll it was KDP, so even if she had got good news she couldn't release it to the press like she did in the 06 election. Unless she reimbursed the KDP it would be an in-kind.

That said, the KDP needs to have a heart to heart with some of their insiders (state reps and senators) about talking business while drinking in public. They get pretty loud after a few drinks.

I doubt any Republican has seen the actual piece of paper that has the numbers on it, but what they are claiming is in line with what these folks were talking about.

As a side note, they didn't seem too disappointed or upset that the numbers were what they were. Just a guess but they are either not worried, or aren't real big fans of Boyda's. They know who I am, so maybe they wanted to leak the numbers.

Anonymous said...

I still don't believe any of you people know what the numbers actually are, not at all...but I'm totally with the rest of your post- the KDP needs to remind people NOT to get drunk in Topeka bars and blab...

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of accuracy, I believe that Ms. Jenkins-Ceepeeaye hyphenates her last name. She does that because she made a name for herself before she got married, but she also wants to honor her husband and his Creole heritage. I think that it's very noble of her.

Anonymous said...

a good point- BoydaBloc should offer a correction.

It's only polite

Anonymous said...

Your candidate dropping in the appoval polls???? Time to go with the negative personal attacks.

This site used to be only positive stuff about what Congresswoman Boyda was accomplishing. Suddenly this site has gotten quite negative about her opponents. It seems to confirm the whole poll numbers issue.

But I guess if my approval ratings were below 45% and droping the the stock market I would change my tactics too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, jesus, read the damn blog before you say what it's been doing...

Anonymous said...

I guess bad polls makes some people kind of grouchy.

Anonymous said...

is that why jim blamed his volunteers for his bad showing in '06? He was grumpy?

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