Monday, August 4, 2008

2nd Chances

Does Jim Ryun deserve a 2nd Chance in the 2nd? Its the question asked by today's AP article in the Hutchinson Daily News.

Nationally, both parties view the 2nd District race as highly competitive. Boyda, Jenkins and Ryun raised more than $3.5 million through mid-July, and Ryun and Jenkins have begun aired competing television ads.

Democrats in Kansas believe that Barack Obama's campaign for president has energized young voters and brought new voters to the polls - helping Boyda. Jenkins argues that the GOP needs a new candidate to beat her, but Ryun, whose raised about $1.7 million, said his conservative views still sell well.
Evidently some just aren't sure Ryun is the right babe for the job.

"It never seemed like he was on the forefront of anything," Malle said. "He wasn't generally around unless it was election time.

Really? We hadn't noticed.


Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe anyone feels Jim Ryun deserves another chance.

Think about your own job.... if you worked for the company and was fired for not doing your job ..... would they hire you back later because you say that you deserve another chance and will do a better job next time ....

Of course not Jim Ryun had his chance and showed he couldn't do the job well .... he was FIRED by the poeple .... its not time to hire him back.

Anonymous said...

ryun's going to win the primary..which is a shame

Anonymous said...

a vote for jim is a vote for boyda

Anonymous said...

Jenkins folks are getting desperate, and Ryun's folks are getting nasty...more of the same from the Repubs!

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