Friday, August 15, 2008

Just Let the Voters Sort the Lies Out Themselves

Sometimes, in politics, people take firm, principled stands that cost them dearly.

The general election race is only a week old in the 2nd Congressional District of Kansas, and both women running have already taken such stands: Congresswoman Nancy Boyda by rejecting independent expenditures on her behalf, and Lynn Jenkins for not.

Think whatever you want about Boyda's push to prevent outside groups from spending on her race- Lord knows her war chest is in pretty fantastic form, but every last dollar spent on her behalf makes her even more safe than she already is. But her desire to keep this campaign in Kansas Kansas-centered is noble- it's about making politics what it's supposed to be, a reflection of the will of the people being represented, not of some DC-based action group.

Lynn's position is similar to most of the positions she's taken so far: Lock-step compliance with the national GOP platform & and an identical disconnect from the voters we saw from Jim Ryun- exactly the kind of messaging she needs if she plans to get crushed in November.

In this particular instance, Lynn brings us the best of Karl Rove politics: Stand idly by as her big money cronies shove as many lies and as much distortion down the throats of voters that they can't tell up from down and then reap the benefits. Most people running for elective office have the good sense to never admit to anything that cynical- or out-and-out un-American- it is true no one on this blog has ever accused Lynn Jenkins of having good sense:

“It’s free speech,” Jenkins said. “Let anybody come tell their story and let the voters sort it out.”

Of course it's free speech, and, yes, anyone can say anything they want. But, as someone hoping to be a representative of the people of the Kansas 2nd Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives, one would hope you would have the common decency to stand up for those would-be constituents and say, "Enough of the lies, enough big money influence, let's talk about the issues important to Kansans and not the issues important to Washington, DC special interests." No, the mind-numbing ambition of our little state treasurer certainly won't allow that. Instead, Lynn, you're doing what the man you beat did- you're just going to sit back and let Washington dictate to you what needs done, and heaven help the people of the Second District start hearing real-live lies about Nancy Boyda, because you sure as Hell aren't going to do a damn thing about it.

Lynn, it's this kind of cavalier "just let the voters sort out the lies themselves" attitude coming from the Republican Party that put this country in the miserable mess we're in today. How do you expect the people of the district to trust you to represent them in Congress if you won't even make sure the election your running in is fair & honest?

This kind of rhetoric is old and tired- the same song and dance we had for 10 years that voters rejected in 2006.
"People are so tired of that kind of partisanship that they're looking for a change," Boyda said. "They've had enough of the infighting, and that's why I'm running for re-election: because Congress needs the right kind of change."
Lynn Jenkins, ladies and gentlemen- just more of the same.


Anonymous said...

You sound scared, BB.

Anonymous said...

Nope- sounds awfully confident of victory

Anonymous said...

Boyda made a tactical error here. She told the DNCC to but out before she knew she was running against Jenkins, instead of Ryun. Everyone in DC thought Ryun would win and so Nancy probably wouldn't have needed the DNC if running against Ryun. She needs it against Jenkins. Look for the DNC to come back in after they do there polling.

Anonymous said...

of course the dccc will be back- but the poll is going to show boydas doing well but Jenkins needs defined- because no one knows who she is. That's why the national party will be back.

And boydas got plenty of money...she's not really going to be hurting in the fundraising world

Anonymous said...

BB scared and on the run...

Anonymous said...

Hey morons, the DNC was never in the race. It's the DCCC. Completely different entity.

Anonymous said...

name calling always helps attract folks to this blog.

Anonymous said...

crazy comments are part of the blogosphere...its the fun bit!

Anonymous said...

shoo..spider.....just cant keep them out!

Anonymous said...

I believe this blog should be renamed "Whine Country" seems to be all that is done in the blog articles.

Anonymous said...

Not scared at all. It does not matter if Boyda runs against Jenkins (or Ryun, but he is now out of the picture). Nancy has really made a positive impact in the 2nd District in less than 2 years! Sorry, but Lynn just doesn't have it. The voters here appreciate what Nancy has done and will easily return her to Congress. Easily.

Anonymous said...

Post primary recovery?

There has to be SOMETHING going on.

Too busy with the campaign now that you actually have to work in the general?

Anonymous said...

that's the problem with politics in kansas...all the talent gets eaten up by all of the campaigns- no one's left to write for anonymous blogs.

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