Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And It's Jenkins

What a wild night of election returns!

Those of us here at Boyda Bloc do, certainly, have to say last night's results were a surprise- if only insomuch as the Kansas Republican Party did what we said all along we thought they should do, even though we never expected them to do it. They rejected re-run Jim Ryun for all the same reasons the people of Kansas tossed him out on his ear 2 years ago: He was an incompetent legislator and the worst failure Kansas has had in our congressional delegation in a generation.

For those reasons (and so, so much more), even Kansas Republicans couldn't allow the possibility of Jim Ryun representing them in Congress again.

Therein lies the rub for poor Lynn Jenkins. This isn't her victory, not even at all- this is a backlash against Jim Ryun, and this was her simply beating a man who had already been sent out to pasture by his former constituents.

We have to admit, we didn't know the rank-and-file of the KS GOP felt the same way about Jim Ryun as we do here- we didn't realize they recognized him for the failure he was the same way we do. But, obviously, they do indeed, and, because of that simply truth, Lynn Jenkins finds herself the Republican nominee for Congress.

So- fair points to Lynn Jenkins for the upset win. Good job to her team (Patrick- *kisses*)- but, dear readers, please ponder this with us today: Jenkins has now proven she can beat a man who failed us, a man who had already been beaten, and a man who should have ridden off into the sunset. How does she translate her apparent ability to beat washed up failures into beating a wildly popular & thus far wildly successful incumbent of the majority party?

Our bet? She can't.


Anonymous said...

i bet Ryun runs again in 2 years

Anonymous said...

Wow! Boyda Bloc has become quite nasty and bitter in her young age.

Anonymous said...

ahaha just keep thinking that Jenkins cant beat boyda....and you'll turn out like Ryun.... a loser.

Anonymous said...

anything can happen, that's for sure...but jenkins can't run the way she did against ryun and beat boyda. boyda, even if you don't like her, hasn't been a failure in her first 2 years. she's been a thousand fold improvement over jim ryun...jenkins is going to have to show how she's going to be better...and how she can be effective as a freshmen member of the minority party.

there isn't a reason to kick boyda out that matters.

Anonymous said...

Guess who's back.

Anonymous said...

I was reading some of the national clips on this race and found this piece on the pro-choice aspect of the GOP race interesting.

Anonymous said...

"Rebublican Party (voters not leaders) did what we said all along we thought they should do;" but not for that reason. Often we progressives fight and offend GOP voters because of their corrupt and nasty leaders. A progressive appeal directed to GOP voters might be too persuasive and reasonable for them to reject in spite of what their leadership says. Isn't that what happened in Boyda's first election, the state school finance improvements and state rejection of new coal power plants?

Anonymous said...

what happens to this blog when jenkins beats boyda

Anonymous said...

nothing will change, all of the posts are about jenkins anyway

Boyda Bloc said...

Since Jenkins won't beat Boyda, the blog will continue to do exactly what it always has: Laud Nancy for a job well done.

In the meantime, we'll happily continue to remind all the Jenkins staff who reads us about how depressingly flawed your candidate really is.

After all- you did only beat the miserable failure that is Jim Ryun by 800 votes.


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