Thursday, December 20, 2007

Act now! Only while supplies last! Sorry, no refunds.

We were going to post about the relatively complimentary editorial that ran in today's Parsons Sun (I liked this line: "The fact that Ryun is leading Boyda in the fundraising category shouldn't be too big of a concern for Boyda at this stage. Being the incumbent, Boyda should be able to leverage her status to help pull in support." Abso-freaking-lutely- and the fact she's got more cash on hand than both Republicans eliminates the fundraising advantage Ryun supposedly has).

But we're not going to post about that- instead we're going to do some free advertising for Frm. Congressman Jim Ryun- it being Christmas an all, it's only right that we do something kind for the downtrodden.

So, we're proud to announce the Ryun campaign has unveiled a new campaign store (link on the "Training Blog" page, top right)- right in time for Christmas, too! Stocking-stuffers galore- and they offer just what we know our grandmothers have always wanted- a Jim Ryun trucker hat! Yours for only $10.99!

Standard other campaign-y stuff available, including 22
different styles of shirts. No, not 22 nifty different logos and slogans from the campaign, just 22 different styles of shirts: baseball jersey t's, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts and even a tracksuit for $40, which is uber trendy.

Also, what we hope is a life-size image of the new Ryun for Congress bumper stickers- it could be yours for only $3:

The campaign also offers coffee mugs with the logo off center, if you're into that kind of, oh, slapdash, sloppy look at the office ($11 for the smaller one, $12 for the jumbo sized version).

Oh, also, Jim's nice enough to tell us which items from the store are "Made in the USA." Of the 29 items available- including the tracksuit and the absolutely stunning bumper stickers and the coffee mugs, three, (yes THREE), are made in the United States of America. Thank you, Jim, for letting us know you support outsourcing even campaigns for Congress to other countries. If we call the office number are we forwarded to a call center in India, too?

You know, Jim, there are print shops in the district...perhaps you don't remember, seeing as you've been away so very, very long.


Anonymous said...

god, i want one soooo much!

will nancy come out with a tea cozy?

Anonymous said...

Geez, what a sad hissy post. I wouldn't expect BB to want Jim Ryun gear...I don't especially want any either. But please, do all of us trying to decide who to support a favor by raising the dialogue a little. Instead of poking fun at Jim's logo, how about actually talking about the issues for crying out loud. I want to believe I can vote for you, but if you keep this up instead of explaining things like why you voted against the AMT fix, I'll have no choice but to support someone else.

Anonymous said...

Look everyone, it's Re-run Ryun!

Anonymous said...

You know nancy isnt the one posting right

Anonymous said...

grow a sense of humor, ass...and respond to the fact Ryun isn't buying his bumper stickers from a Topeka print shop.

oh, you can't?

Anonymous said...

this blog is almost only about the "issues" or, at least, the things boyda is doing in the DC.

Read other posts...some of them are kinda silly like this one, but most of them are really good about what's going on, and should help you decide boyda's doin' and ok job.

but, also, don't think she's the one's just some volunteer.

Anonymous said...

if you order the bumper sticker, that actually is what it looks like...

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