Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ryun: Campaigning to be your representative from Hawaii

We've heard for months about Jim Ryun's desire to re-connect with the voters of Kansas (a tough task, seeing as he hasn't talked to them for about 10 years) and also about his full-time, full-scale campaign to take "his" seat back.

First, of course, it isn't Jim's seat, it belongs to the voters of the Second Congressional District, and they, quite convincingly, kicked him out on his rump in 2006 and replaced him with Congresswoman Nancy Boyda. But, whatever, Jimmy's running full-time and he's putting in his all!

But running full time for Congress is awful hard work, and, well, he is a world-famous runner, right? So, you couldn't begrudge him some time hamming it up as a celebrity, right?

Naw, of course not, so the man who promised to work so hard to win back the confidence of his old constituents is taking a little trip to wallow in used-up celebrity and is participating in a photo opt and autograph signing in Honolulu, Hawaii tomorrow at the Honolulu marathon.

Jim does this kind of thing all the time, of course, but it's just convenient this particular one is in Hawaii in December. I'm sure that has nothing to do with why he's there.

Aloha, Jim! Remind us again about how hard you're going to work to win back your seat? Naw, nevermind- we remember what it was like having you in Congress: you always did care more about your own fame than connecting with your voters or doing your job.


Anonymous said...

Aloha. Glad to see Jim's hard at it.

Anonymous said...

I despise Jim Ryun, but is this really a story? From the article it sounds like he's just there for the weekend, but from your headline I was expecting to hear that Ryun had been in Hawaii for at least a month.

But at least it's new content, and that's more than you can say about the 'Bounce Boyda' blog.

Anonymous said...

you know what i like about blogs? sometimes there are kind of funny, fluffy posts like this one, other times you have harder hitting stuff.

And, kudos to the people who run this blog- you're good about posting something new most every day.

Anonymous said...

He ran a 31:23 5k...THATS SORRY!

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