Saturday, December 8, 2007

Frm. Rep. Bill Roy: Nancy Boyda will win regardless of Presidential nominee

Dr. Bill Roy's column in to today's issue of the Topeka Capital-Journal is excellent, providing historical context to support what this blog has already said: Kansas voters will send qualified members of Congress back to Washington (like Nancy Boyda and Dennis Moore) regardless of who the Democratic Party nominates for President.

How does Dr. Roy know? The people of Kansas sent him back to Washington with 61% of the vote in 1972- the same election Sen. George McGovern received 29% of the vote for President from the good people of the state of Kansas.

"... having been there and done that, I feel confident Boyda will defeat anyone the Republicans throw at her in 2008, regardless who heads the presidential tickets. She will win because she has provided Kansas communities with service unknown since the last Democrat was elected to the House in Kansas' 2nd District. Democrats, by the way, have held this "Republican seat" for 22 of the past 36 years."
Read the full text of Dr. Roy's column here.


Anonymous said...

i love bill roy

Anonymous said...

Sorry ..... but I know Bill and he is a very nice man but he is bias enough that he thought Michael Dukaukis had a shot at winning. Nice guy but sees life through blue glasses.

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