Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tankers, prisons & NAFTA

A quick rundown of three news items relating to Congresswoman Nancy Boyda from this last week:

First, a piece from the Topeka Capital-Journal reports that Boyda added an amendment on to the National Defense Authorization Act "to allow 48 of the 85 KC-135Es in the country to be retired immediately. The remaining 37 will be decommissioned as newer model replacements become available."

According to the article, eight of those KC-135Es are currently located at Forbes Field in Topeka, with four more expected to arrive soon. The planes are no longer needed, but current federal law requires the planes to be kept at "warm-ready" status- resulting in an expenditure of $1.1 million annually in Topeka alone.

And, just so no one says anything about this bring "anti-military," the Guard thinks it's a good idea, too.

Sharon Watson, spokeswoman for the Kansas National Guard, said the act should result in freed-up space and money at Forbes.

"We have a number of planes stored at 190th Air Refueling Wing that would be impossible to retire given the former legislation," she said. "We're very pleased to see this bill pass."

Next, a story in the St. Louis Examiner says Boyda and Senator Sam Brownback are both pushing for a new federal prison to be built in Leavenworth.

Rep. Nancy Boyda, D-Kan., who represents the Leavenworth area and has also lobbied for a new facility, said residents are enthusiastic about the possibility of gaining a new prison.

"Prisons are the foundation of Leavenworth's economy, and a new facility would certainly strengthen that foundation," Boyda said.

Finally, some more national exposure for Congresswoman Boyda's NAFTA Accountability Act from David Sirota.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of building new prisons we should look at why we're putting so many Americans behind bars.

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