Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lynn Jenkins & Nick Jordan: We love you, Mr. Vice President!

We hate to quote other blogs, because you never know for sure if they actually have their information down, but, hell, it's Sunday night and this is simply too much fun not to post.

According to conservative blog The Kenig Konnection, State Sen. Nick Jordan's campaign fundraiser with Vice President Dick Cheney on Friday last was a rousing success, raising upwards of $30,000 and featuring all sorts of Kansas Republican Party royalty, including none other than Kansas State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins.

First off, begging apologies, but $30K raised at a fundraiser with the sitting Vice President of the United States is PITIFUL- just miserable, awful, embarrassing and laughable.

Think we're full of it liberals? Missouri Rep. Sam Graves raised $275,000 at a fundraiser with Cheney in Kansas City in September.

So, the above link proves Kansas City Republicans still like Mr. Cheney (God, why?), and, also, we know Kansas City Republicans are happy to fork out huge sums of money for Republican candidates.

Knowing both of those things, what does it say about Jordan's candidacy? Not sure, but it could be a couple of things. Could be that Kansas Republicans know Dennis Moore's an excellent member of Congress and that they have no interest in replacing him with a two-bit state senator, or it could mean that even rank-and-file Kansas Republicans have the good sense to know Dick Cheney's stamp of approval is a bad thing, and candidates so endorsed ought be avoided at all costs.

Where does that leave Lynn Jenkins? Was she hoping some foreign policy expertise would rub off Mr. Cheney if she got close enough to him, or that she might be able to convince a Jordan donor or two to flip her a dime, or is it just that she's too stupid to realize the majority of people in Kansas- heck, in the country- think the man's the worst vice president in history? It's a lesson Jim Ryun learned in 2006- it's good to see it didn't stick.

Go ahead, Lynn, convince him to come to Topeka for you- we'll be there will bells on.

(By the way, we'll give anyone a shiny dollar if they can send us a picture of Lynn and the VP...


Anonymous said...

that's one scary picture of the VP...did lynn watch out to make sure he didn't bite her?

Anonymous said...

That wasn't very thoughtful of the Repubs to schedule this during Jim Ryun's Hawaiian vacation. I'm sure he would've loved to get reacquainted with his ol' pal Dick Cheney.

Anonymous said...

No one will even pay attention to this event given the headline grabber from Attorney General Paul Morrison.

Anonymous said... one paid attention to this event before the headline grabber from the AG's office.

Anonymous said...

The Veep for $30k? I bet it cost more than that to bring the guy to town, pay for transport, security, etc. This is horrible for both Cheney and Jordan.

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