Tuesday, December 4, 2007

More coverage of Boyda's landmark NAFTA legislation

Nancy Boyda's been all over the media today, from the front page of the New York Times to the pages of our very own Topeka Capital-Journal and every single piece (written by a non-radical Republican partisan) says that same thing: Nancy Boyda is representing her district to the nines.

Our good friend Ally took on the story from the NYT earlier today- we're so glad she took the time to post here before sending the piece on to her national sites- and she did a fine job explaining the piece. It was a little bit sensational, which certainly sells papers, but probably the best thing to take out of it is that Congresswoman Boyda has connected with her district, is working hard, and will win or lose on her own merits, no those of someone else. 'Course, Boyda makes the point best in the article:

Of the presidential race, she said: “It is something I have no control over, quite honestly. They will demonize any Democrat who becomes the nominee. I just put my head down and work.”
And work she is, yesterday unveiling a remarkably ambitious bill to rework NAFTA.

The Topeka Capital-Journal ran a great article today detailing Boyda's plans, which we talked about briefly yesterday after they were released. The article also included two quotes that were particularly good from the congresswoman:

The United States needs to "get a NAFTA that works or get the hell out of NAFTA," she said during "The Jim Cates Show" on KMAJ 1440-AM radio.


"I'm not against trade, I'm just against trade that gives America the short end of the stick," Boyda said.

Opposing NAFTA doesn't have anything to do with being against trade, folks. It does, however, have to do with protecting American jobs, and making sure our trade policy works for the little guy at home, rather than the big guy in the other country.

So, the New York Times can be however dramatic as they please- regardless of the nominee, Nancy Boyda's work on immigration and trade policy is exactly what her district wants. She's done more in a year than Jim Ryun did in 10.

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Anonymous said...

i'm proud of nancy's move on this- it's smart and the right thing to do

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