Monday, November 5, 2007

Boyda Bipartisanship: Save Our Pharmacies!

In modern politics it's important to remember not all issues are hard and fast partisan points- frequently, both sides of the aisle can see what is in the best interest of the country.

One of Congresswoman Nancy Boyda's signature issues is maintaining access to and supporting existing community pharmacies, and she has been on the forefront in Washington fighting against cuts in reimbursements that go to those vital businesses.

The problem isn't some phantom created by Congresswoman Boyda. A letter that appeared in Sunday's Topeka Capitol-Journal from Republican State Senator Vicki Schmidt and Rep. Don Hill relayed the exact same problems that Rep. Boyda has recognized.

In an effort to address the issues facing community pharmacies- particularly the low reimbursement rate Medicare pays for drugs, Congresswoman Boyda introduced the Save Our Community Pharmacies Act, which addresses the problem head-on.

These aren't Republican or Democratic problems- and they're American problems, and we need American solutions, and it's nice to see people from both parties working in the same direction.


Anonymous said...

The letter from Senator Vicki Schmidt and Representative Don Hill have no relation to the issues Congresswoman Boyda has been talking about.

Their letter deals with the shortage of capacity at KU School of Pharmacy and the need to expand capacity to address growing need for pharmacists.

It has nothing to do with issues Congresswoman Boyda has been talking about. Nice try to tie her to two Repbulican pharmacists but no cigar.

Anonymous said...

they are all talking about facets of the exact same problem

Anonymous said...

Nice try but "No" they are not the same.

Anonymous said...

did you read Boyda's press release? they are talking about the same thing

Anonymous said...

Yes ..... I've read both.... Boyda is talking about reimbursement for pharmacies. Rep. Hill and Sen. Vicki Schmidt are talking about having enough pharmacists to replace those retiring and to meet the overall need for more pharmacists. And increasing the capacity of KU School of Pharmacy.

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