Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Boyda to "Freedom Watch"- It's time to be responsible

In response to a misleading and deeply irresponsible full page ad placed in the Topeka Capital-Journal by the conservative organization "Freedom Watch" in regards to the Iraq war, Congresswoman Nancy Boyda told the Huffington Post it was imperative we strengthen our forces by responsibly redeploying from Iraq.

"In an age of global threats, I do not believe our nation is best served by devoting so many of our military resources to Iraq," Rep. Nancy Boyda (D-KS) told the Huffington Post, responding to the conservative broadside she faced in the Topeka Capital-Journal Tuesday morning.

Boyda unseated a Republican incumbent by a narrow margin in 2006, and her seat has been identified by GOP strategists as a prime 2008 target. But she responded aggressively to the Freedom's Watch ad, which ran in the districts of seven freshman House Democrats.

"I believe the best way forward from here is to gradually, responsibly redeploy from Iraq," Boyda added. "We need to give the Iraqi people every opportunity to secure a sustainable peace, but our ultimate focus must be to strengthen our military's ability to respond to future threats."

We can't afford "stay the course" politics any longer, and it's time the Republicans stopped playing politics with our men and women in uniform.


Anonymous said...

Deeply irresponsible-I love that. Unlike the MoveOn ad that Boyda condemned. Am I right or did I miss something? She can't possibly upset that someone is actually calling her out for her war votes, is she?

Anonymous said...

who said MoveOn's ad wasn't also deeply irresponsible?

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