Friday, November 9, 2007

Boyda secures $265+ million for Kansas

In a pair of press announcements, Congresswoman Nancy Boyda announced she has secured more than $265 million for military spending in the State of Kansas.

According to Boyda's official Web site and a story in the Manhattan Mercury, two Kansas military bases, Fort Riley and Fort Leavenworth, stand to gain $255 million in new funding under the 2008 Veterans Affairs and Military Construction (VA / MILCON) Appropriations Bill. The bill includes two specific earmarks requested by Boyda, one for a new chapel at Ft. Leavenworth, and another for a training facility for military dogs at Ft. Riley.

The other announcement reports Kansas will receive $10.8 million in funding earmarked by Boyda under the new defense appropriations bill. That $11 million includes a $1.2 million contract fro Goodyear Tire in Topeka for the production of military tires.

You can read more about Boyda's cash for Kansas here.

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