Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nancy Boyda's Best Week Ever

Last week was another week that showed, first, exactly how effective Congresswoman Nancy Boyda is in Washington, DC- and, second, showed off (again) that the Kansas Republican Party hopelessly desperate.

As already detailed on this blog (below), Congresswoman Boyda secured hundreds of millions of dollars in federal spending for her district this week, adding money for projects at Ft. Riley and Ft. Leavenworth- and monies straight into the Topeka economy with an earmark dedicated to Goodyear Tires. That's on the heels of the House passing a huge tax break for military families that had been introduced by Boyda.

Undoubtedly a red-letter week for any member of Congress- and certainly excellent news for the people of Nancy Boyda's congressional district (and the whole state, for that matter).

'Course, the Republicans just couldn't stand that much good news for the people of Kansas, and they lashed out in their usual way: ham-handed attacks that, unfortunately for them, fall awfully flat. The KS GOP, Jim Ryun's campaign and all the anti-Boyda blogs sent out e-mails and posted pieces attacking Boyda for a fundraiser scheduled for Friday with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Ryun's campaign said (with passive sexism) this:

You my know that San Fransisco's very own Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is flying into Kansas tonight straight from Washington in a top-of-the-line, Air For passenger jet.


We know Speaker Pelosi need Nancy Boyda's reliable vote when it comes to raising taxes on Kansas working families and she will stop at nothing to make sure Jim Ryun is defeated! Your contribution today puts us one step closer to ending the reign of Queen Nancy.
Gosh. That's quite something- though, perhaps, Ryun should have, oh, read a newspaper sometime on Thursday or Friday so he could have found out the Pelosi visit, and Boyda's trip home, had been postponed. Seems the KS GOP caught it and sent out an e-mail- about five hours before the Ryun camp sent out theirs- declaring victory for scaring the Speaker of the House of Representatives away from Kansas.

What interesting spin- and how ridiculously far from the truth. Boyda's Kansas fundraiser still happened, but without Pelosi- or Boyda, for that matter, because the House was still in session.

Why was the House still in session? Because the Democrats were cutting taxes on the American middle class- yes, that's right, Jim, the fundraiser you lied to your supports about didn't feature any members of Congress because they were in Washington, DC lowering taxes on average Americans.

So: Boyda's tax cut for military families passes unanimously, she secures an almost $300 million investment in Kansas, Congress cuts taxes on the middle class, and Kansas Republican fall all over themselves to spin Democratic success- or, failing that, just lie to their own supporters.

Good work, Congresswoman!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes, what a fighter, cut taxes now that you already voted for the largest tax increase in American history. I'm just waiting for the Rangel tax increase to come to the floor...oh what spin will come out of Boyda's office that day.

Anonymous said...

whatever. Good job nancy

Anonymous said...

I voted for Nancy because she was going to eliminate earmarks. Every campaign stop I saw her at she vowed to end earmarks saying how bad they were. Now she's trumpeting the earmarks that she got and is proud that they are more than what Ryun got?

Did she lie to me about earmarks? Or did she not know what she was talking about? She's got some explaining to do to get my vote this time.

Anonymous said...

boyda said she'd never waste a tax dollar- i don't think she's gone back on her word, but that's up to each individual, i guess.

Anonymous said...

No. She said all earmarks were bad and she would eliminate them.

At the time, some kid from Ryun's campaign was trying to explain that there are good and bad earmarks. She said there was no good earmark and she would reform them.

Anonymous said...

No, she never said that, ever- she said over and over again the earmark process was being abused and needed reforms. there have been reforms, and she's gone farther than almost every other member in making her requests transparent.

you don't know what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just hope Boyda keeps talking and getting in front of the cameras.

"I was against earmarks before I was for them. . . .I am against taking Frontline money-unless you want to slip me a check on the side. . . . I want to cut your taxes-after I raise them. I against the war in Iraq but for it-I think. . . . I want to pass pension reform-after we take out all the 'bad stuff'"


Anonymous said...

As is typical for someone on the wrong side of an issue, the above posters have masterfully pivoted from the topic at hand and the central point of this (excellent) post which is:

1) Ryun's campaign is either a) blissfully ignorant or b) flat-out lying to their supporters in an effort to raise money.

2) The Kansas Republican Party actually criticized Reps. Boyda and Pelosi for electing to stay in Washington to perform the duties they were elected to perform than to come to Kansas for a fundraiser.

I know one thing, Jim Ryun would have found a way to make it to the fundraiser.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1, do you realize that the Rangal tax plan cuts taxes for 99% of taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

A story about Charles Rangel's plan in the New York Times.

I found this portion interesting given Democrats have been fighting for American companies in their campaigns information ...

"Mr. Rangel’s biggest revenue-raiser would come from eliminating a special tax break on profits from domestic manufacturing — a provision that Democrats championed in 2004 over the opposition of Mr. Bush."

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