Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nancy Boyda: Good for the Middle Class

The assault on the middle class perpetrated by radical Republicans playing under the guise of being "fiscal conservatives" is one of the saddest stories that has come out of the 10 years of Republican leadership in the Congress. They cut taxes and cut taxes- but they've created a system in which the billionaire's secretary pays a larger percent of his or her income in taxes than the billionaire does- a system the is grossly inappropriate in the United States of America.

Yet another reason to be happy we have Nancy Boyda in Congress.

According to TheMiddleClass.org, a Web site managed by the non-partisan Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, Congresswoman Boyda has voted in support of America's squeezed Middle Class 89% of the time, supporting measures that will make college more affordable, improve Head Start, expand the Children's Health Insurance Program, and increase the minimum wage.

We commend Rep. Boyda for her dedication to re-setting the balance in Washington- giving the little guy a leg up instead of millionaires that simply don't need one.

One quick note- 89% is great- but it isn't perfect. It is better than the poor folk of the Kansas 4th get, though- Todd Tiahrt has only voted with America's Middle Class 22% of the time this year- and has been given an "F" by TheMiddleClass.org ever year since 2003.


Anonymous said...

The Drum Major Institute is about as non-partisan as AARP. Take a look at materials on their site and their staff members; it is easy to tell which way they lean.

It is interesting that most of the votes they see as what is important to middle-class Americans are government tax-payer funded programs. Or programs in support illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

As for Congressman Tiarht he has obviously voted according to the desires of his constiuency ..... he won his last election with over 70% of voters supporting him.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that Nancy's vote to fund SCHIP, which according to her own words was for healthcare for poor children, benefits the middle class. Isn't that what R's were saying ... that it was going beyond its scope and funding healthcare for adults and the middle class?

Anonymous said...

Well and there are states where a majority of people on SCHIP are adults not poor or middle class children.

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