Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Boyda stunned Ryun & the country in '06- she'll do it again

To quote an e-mail from the Kansas Republican Party sent out earlier today:

"Fellow Republicans:

Roll Call, a Capitol Hill newspaper, just released their list of the top 10 most endangered House incumbents. Not surprisingly, Nancy Boyda made it on the list.

Roll Call stated, "Boyda stunned (Republican) Rep. Jim Ryun last year after losing to him by 15 points in the previous cycle. Ryun wants his old job back, but he'll first have to get through a tough Republican primary against state Treasurer Lynn Jenkins. Whatever happens in the GOP contest, Boyda will have a fat target on her back, and no matter how hard she works, in a district that President Bush carried by 20 points in 2004, Republicans may be able to yell `bull's-eye' a year from now."

Roll Call is just pointing out something we have known all along...Nancy Boyda does not represent the values of the 2nd Congressional District."

Click here for the post on the Kansas City Star's Prime Buzz blog.

No one with any sense can quibble with Roll Call's general point: The KS-2 race will be tough- though they should have pointed about Nancy Boyda has the most cash-on-hand and that Ryun and Jenkins will be broke and bloody by the time of the primary election, giving her an added leg-up in addition to the general benefits of incumbency.

The Republicans do include one small, weird tangent in their e-mail- it's that last line- "Roll Call is just pointing out...Nancy Boyda does not represent the vales of the 2nd Congressional District." I expect strange, nonsensical spin from Christian Morgan over at the KS GOP, but I have to admit I don't understand how in the world someone could take anything from that Roll Call article and make it into a partisan indictment of Nancy Boyda's performance. It does say, and the KS GOP e-mail confirms, that partisan attack dogs will stop at nothing to take out an excellent member of Congress- and that the district's past Republican performance makes this a race to watch.

We know Nancy Boyda represents traditional Kansas values in Washington. Boyda's commonsense votes against amnesty, for cheaper prescription drugs, for SCHIP and in support of our veterans are exactly in line with her district, while Jim Ryun's ties to Jack Abramhoff, Tom Delay and the Republican Culture of Corruption are most definitely not. And Lynn Jenkins? She just doesn't know what to think.


Anonymous said...

It's laughable that Democrats want to talk about corruption in the Republican party when DEMOCRATS have done nothing about Congressman Jefferson who had $90,000 in bribe money in his freezer.

When is Congresswoman Boyda going to propose some legislation about this corruption?

Anonymous said...

she's already called for Jefferson's resignation

Anonymous said...

Resign???? How about an investigation ..... last I knew taking bribes was illegal and against ethics of Congress.

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