Saturday, November 24, 2007

Boyda seeks resignation of consumer protection chief

It's horrifying that we have of Bush appointees falling down on the job and allowing toys to enter this country that are unsafe. Luckily, we have a representative in Washington looking out for all of our kids this holiday season.

As reported by the Lawrence Jounrnal-World and WIBW TV (video & text), Congresswoman Nancy Boyda has now publicly said she wants the Chairperson of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Nancy Nord, to resign. Nord's organization is responsible for ensuring products sold in the United States are safe, and, unfortunately, has refused offers of added funds and other assistance from Congress to beef up obviously lax protection.

“If she is unwilling or unable to keep our kids safe, then we need to replace her with somebody that is,” said Boyda. -Lawrence Journal-World.
This is a nonpartisan issue, and, particularly as we move into the holiday season, something Americans of every strip can get behind.

Boyda was joined at her press conference by Jan Stegelman, coordinator of Safe Kids Kansas, who offered some guidelines for folks buying toys this year.


Anonymous said...

Blue Tide Rising has evidence directly linking Stay Red Kansas to the Kansas Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy ....... and did you hear that Hanna Montana is not really her name?

Anonymous said...

Or maybe the identities of all of the State and Federal employees who spend their time on this website ..... I am sure the tax payers would be interested in that.

Boyda Bloc said...

actually, most of our visitors seems to be from IP addresses in either the Kansas City area or 'round Topeka...rarely anyone from the fed or state offices.

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Anonymous said...

Seems the Senate Sargent at Arms office shows up quite frequently and other Congressional offices from Washington DC. And the state offices of Division of Systems and Communication.

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