Thursday, November 1, 2007

Boyda, Democrats, & Topeka teen celebrate successes

Today the Democrats in the United States House of Representatives highlighted the monumental legislative successes we have all seen in the last year in an event marking the anniversary of the day the American people rejected the politics and the policies of the Republican Party and called for a New Direction for America.

Several Members, including Speaker Pelosi, highlighted the achievements of the last 11 months, trumpeting Democratic promises kept "to make America safer, to help restore the American dream, and to restore accountability and fiscal responsibility to the people's government."

Congresswoman Nancy Boyda, joined by Topeka High Senior Kelly Jacobsen, celebrated the passage of the College Cost Reduction Act of 2007, which makes it easier for students to pay for higher education.

Jacobsen wrote an article that appeared in the Topeka Capital-Journal on Sept. 25 that heralded the passage of the act as a "light at the bottom of the bank account."

"When I read Kelly's article, I saw a moving, first-hand perspective on the difficulty of paying for college. Her story drove home for me, and I'm sure for others, that the College Cost Reduction Act will make a real difference in the lives of Kansans."
And, using campaign funds, Boyda flew Jacobsen to Washington, DC to participate in today's event- putting that real face in front the national media.
"I couldn't imagine anyone better than Kelly to speak for Kansans about the College Cost Reduction Act. When Congress passes a law that invests billions of dollars in college aid, it's easy to forget that every one of those dollars helps a real student with a face and a story. This conference was a way to say, 'We're helping Kelly, and we're helping millions of others like her across America.'"
Congresswoman Nancy Boyda is helping. With achievements highlighted today that include bills to implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, to raise the minimum wage, and to restore honesty and accountability to the federal government it's impossible to not recognize the positive effect this Congress, and Nancy Boyda's leadership for Kansas, has had.

And, congratulations to Kelly Jacobsen for a truly awesome opportunity!


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Yeah .... now the American people are further subsidizing college loan programs ...... by using tax dollars for paying incentives to large banks to lower their student loan rates.

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