Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bounce Boyda- spinning like a dervish

They say you shouldn't ever refer directly to you opponents, and that it's best to not draw attention to the other side in politics, but, hell, those rules are silly.

So, anyway, our friends on the right, Bounce Boyda (link on the left hand side of the page), posted a piece today called "Do Nothing Democrats" ripping the Democratic Party leadership for holding 1,000 roll call votes (a record) and only having 96 bills signed into law. They mention the Republicans had 482 bills signed into law in the 109th Congress.

Fair point. But, of course, we have a sly misdirect in talking about bills passed- 482 for an entire term of Congress, while the Democrats have only been in power for 11 months. And, significantly more apparently, the Republicans managed to make more laws because they controlled the House, Senate and Presidency- of course they'd see more legislative success.

(Isn't it interesting the party of small government is celebrating the fact they made more laws than the "big government" party has?)

It's sad the Dems haven't managed to get more things made law- but it certainly isn't because of lack of trying. Bounce Boyda is right- the American people want results, not excuses- when will the President listen to them?

To conclude- a list of promises made and delivered on by the Democratic Party- include items vetoed by the President and blocked by Senate Republicans. This Congress has done more for the American people in 11 months than the previous Congress did- or, perhaps, they have tired too, only to see their efforts hindered by a President who won't admit he's wrong.


Anonymous said...

Why can't you get bills through the Senate? You have the majority.

Oh, wait. Nancy couldn't figure that one out last year either.

It sucks to win and let reality set in.

Anonymous said...

if you don't have 60 votes and everything is filibustered, well, then you can't get things through the Senate. Seems fairly clear.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a dervish? Don't use big words. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid!). You Lawrence elitists are always tryin' to impress us with your fancy book learnin'.

Anonymous said...

Dervish is a disease common to 19th century sailors. It causes liver spots on the skin and bleeding gums.

It's very contagious. If Nancy Boyda has it we better stay away.

Anonymous said...

Dervishes are Muslim mystics

Anonymous said...

Boyda campaigned on the fact that R's couldn't get it together and should have been able to pass any law they wanted to. People tried, in vain, to explain how the Senate worked but she wouldn't hear it.

She said then that it was the R's fault that nothing was getting done because they had the majority. Now she says it the minority's fault.

She could really use a civics lesson or two.

Anonymous said...

I think you're thinking of scurvy.

She be a buxom wench.


Anonymous said...

So, are you saying that Boyda is a muslim mystic? How scary! Is she Osama bin Boyda? This might be a real clash-of-the-titans election year. Jim Ryun is clearly God's candidate. Now, we learn that Nancy Boyda is Allah's candidate. This is gonna be fun to watch.

I just cannot comment on Boyda's buxomness. I find that comment to the very offensive. I'd like to file a complaint with the management.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong???? Didn't Democrats say they were going to reach across party lines and make things happen?

More would happen if you actually wanted to work with them .... but instead you run Democratic bills and then limited debate and the ability to amend the bill.

Same thing happened when Republicans tried to shove stuff down Democrats throats ..... they filibusted lots of legislation also.

Have you not learned at thing ....

Anonymous said...

Republicans had the same issue in the Republican Senate ..... let's not exaggerate ..... Many times Democrats in the Senate filibustered their legislation too.

And the do nothing Congress still accomplished more.

Anonymous said...

this congress has done more than the 109th- stop lying to yourself

Anonymous said...

Yeah ... they got more post offices and federal building named.

Ran more illegal alien amnesty bills than ever before

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