Thursday, October 18, 2007

A time to be thankful

On days like today, when we need our representatives stand up for regular Americans against President George W. Bush and his lapdogs in the Congress, we should all be proud we have Nancy Boyda as our representative instead of either Jim Ryun or Lynn Jenkins.

Rather than doing what's right and insure millions of uninsured children, Ryun said if he had been in Congress today, he would have voted to sustain the president's heartless veto. Ryun campaign manager Kyle Robertson told the Lawrence Journal-World on Oct. 8 Ryun would have supported the president because “We need to find a responsible way to fund the program without raising taxes or making it easier for illegal immigrants to receive taxpayer-funded health care." However the bill expressly forbids the program to be used to insure illegal aliens. Don't believe me? Republican Senator Pat Roberts has been saying so for weeks. So, either Ryun & Robertson are clueless or they are willfully lying to win votes. Shameful, and unfortunate, regardless.

As for Lynn Jenkins, she can't be bothered to have an opinion, other than to say “I haven’t looked closely at the specific proposals, and unfortunately with everything as partisan as it is in Congress these days, folks can’t work out a compromise.” Well, gee, Lynn, maybe if you had had time to look at the proposals you realize that since this bill received the support of 229 Democrats and 44 Republicans and a vote to override a Republican President's veto- this was the bipartisan compromise bill, and it was killed, not by a simple unwillingness to compromise, but by a radical minority of Republican representatives that simply won't do the right thing for America's children.

So, yes, today is the kind of day that makes us proud Nancy Boyda is our representatives and not either one of these Republican partisans.


Anonymous said...

At least tell the truth about the bill.

Five Facts Democrats Don't Want Americans To Know About Their SCHIP Bill

1. Congress' children's health insurance bill covers adults through FY 2012. New enrollment of parents under the existing waiver eligibility standards is permitted until the end of FY 2012 – meaning Federal funding will still be available for coverage of these adults until the end of FY 2012.

2. Congress' SCHIP bill covers childless adults through FY 2009. Any state with an existing childless adult waiver that expires before October 1, 2008, will get an automatic extension of the waiver upon request through September 30, 2009. The bill allows new enrollment of childless adults in FY 2008 and funding of childless adults through FY 2009.

3. Congress' SCHIP bill does NOT cover poor children first. The legislation explicitly rejects a requirement that 95 percent of eligible children from families with incomes under 200 percent of the poverty level must be enrolled in SCHIP before children in higher-income families can be covered. There are more than 500,000 poor children eligible for SCHIP, but states have not signed them up.

4. Congress' SCHIP bill covers children in some families earning up to $83,000 a year. The vetoed bill would have the result of grandfathering in New York at a higher SCHIP match rate than the rest of the country – allowing SCHIP to cover children in some households with incomes of up to $83,000 per year (400 percent of the Federal poverty level for a family of four). It also overturns the standards that would allow the Health and Human Services Secretary to disapprove State plans to cover children in higher income families before every effort has been made to cover lower income children and regardless of whether newly covered children already have private health insurance.

5. Congress' SCHIP bill would result in millions of children who now have private health insurance moving onto government coverage. Of the approximately 6 million enrollees Congress' legislation would attract by 2012, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that 2 million (one in three) would drop private insurance to enroll.

Anonymous said...

whatever- boyda and the democrats did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Democrats do the right stuff like Representative Starks' tirade on President and troops?

Anonymous said...

Stark had a point, buddy.

Anonymous said...

great post! amen!

Anonymous said...

According to Representative Stark the President "gets amusement in soldiers getting their head blown off"

Yeah great point ...... what an ass.

Anonymous said...

Just like Rush saying there are phoney soldiers in the military...nice one there

Anonymous said...

actually, his remarks seem accurate....

Anonymous said...

Kinda like the General Betrayus ad. Yeah Democrats are real supportive of the men and women in uniform.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) refuses to apologize for his unhinged remarks likening American interrogators and Gitmo military staff to Nazis, Soviet gulag operators and genocidal leader Pol Pot.

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