Wednesday, October 24, 2007

CHOMPing at their own

As reported by The Politico about a month ago, and by some of our fellows out in the blogosphere, the House GOPers have relaunched CHOMP. First, a funny:

"The group was forced to make one slight change this year; they had to rename it Challengers Helping Obtain the Majority Program since Challengers Helping Our Majority Party is no longer applicable."
CHOMP, a fundraising program that encourages GOP members of the House to give money ($2,000 from their campaigns and $5,000 from their leadership PACs) to certain Republican challengers. With the almost certain drubbing the Republicans are going to get in 2008, CHOMP might help make some otherwise underfunded and pitiful candidates a little less laughable.

Unfortunately, the House leaders have decided funneling money into ridiculously longshot campaigns and/or folks that got their hats handed to them last time is the best way to regain their majority. The Kansas recipients on the list are excellent illustrations, with Nick Jordan playing the role as ridiculous longshot, and Jim Ryun playing the part of hopeless re-run.

Jordan, certainly, will need all the help he can get- so more power to them. Ryun's inclusion smack of the desperation apparent in the national GOP's attitude- "What, you lost last time against a woman you beat 2 years before? Must have just been a fluke!" With a swing like that (winning by 15, then losing by 3) in a district like this one Ryun's loss to Nancy Boyda wasn't a fluke, it was an indictment of the job he was doing in Congress.

Oh, also, Ryun's inclusion in CHOMP is just a little more evidence of how not seriously the Republican Party is taking Lynn Jenkins' run for Congress- they'd rather have a loser than someone without an opinion on illegal immigration, SCHIP, the war... any of the major issues of the day.


Anonymous said...

i feel a little sad for lynn...

Anonymous said...

I don't feel sorry for Lynn a bit.... unlike Nancy Boyda, Lynn has a long history of service to the people of Kansas.

And unlike Nancy Boyda, she has won all of her elections.

Anonymous said...

lol...unlike jim ryun she's won all of her elections

Anonymous said...

she's won all of her elections, but they were all EASY elections, unlike Nancy Boyda, who's PUBLIC service career isn't very long, who pulled off a huge upset.

Anonymous said...

Hey, can you quickly list Boyda's Frontline money for us? I know there was an article floating around about it the past few days-I think Bounce Boyda carried it. Wondered what your response was. Seems just a little odd that Boyda is receiving dollar for dollar the same checks the Frontline members are without officially being a part of it. I am sure you have a good response and wanted to hear what you had to say.

Anonymous said...

the thing i don't understand about the whole "nancy's getting front line money" thing- how is she supposed to be organizing that? how does she know where the Frontline people are getting their money? I'm sure not one is saying something illegal is happening here.

Additional, it couldn't be "dollar for dollar" because, well, Nancy didn't raise nearly as much money as most of the other Frontline people. It was just a few of the same donors.

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