Thursday, October 25, 2007

Social Security backlog problem? Solution: close the offices!

In another one of those federal, "wha....?" moments, the Social Security Administration has come up with, in their eyes, a possible solution to the current backlog in processing Social Secuirty disability claims: close the offices one day a week!

Particularly hard hit by this cockamamie scheme would be the state of Kansas, which has, according to a story that appeared today, the very highest percent in the nation of filed claims that have yet to be processed- 15,000 people just waiting for some kind of decision.

Congresswoman Nancy Boyda hit it on the nose when she said:

“We are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to backlogs, and now you are going to tell the good people of Kansas that you are going to close offices one day a week,” Boyda said. “Our extremely strong recommendation is that they try this someplace else.”
To be fair, the idea might not fail, and the pilot program might work, but why in the world would you pick the office in the very worst shape to use as your test bed?

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