Monday, October 22, 2007

GOP SCHIP spin continues

Earlier today, our counterpart in the Kansas political blogosphere to the right (the far right), Stay Red Kansas, posted an entry bemoaning the debate surrounding SCHIP:

“Despite what Boyda would have you believe, there aren't millions of kids left struggling for healthcare on the streeets [sic]. If children are sick and need to visit a doctor, guess what: they can.”

I certainly hope you let the millions of children nationwide without health insurance know that it’s just that easy. I’m sure they and their parents will be relieved.

“In effect, Nancy's … statements - you know, the ones critical of a Republican 'radical minority' who care only about scoring cheap political points - are doing just that: trying to score cheap political points. The debate about SCHIP has become so exaggerated that Housemembers like Nancy Boyda have completely forgotten what the debate's even about.”

The above statements say a lot about the mentality of the folks on the other side- they’re trying desperately to make this political when it just isn’t. The problem for them is, of course, Congresswoman Boyda’s statements (and vote) didn’t reflect a minority view, a liberal view, or a political view- they did, however, reflect the opinion of the vast majority of the American people and the people who live in the 2nd Congressional district in Kansas. There isn’t anything cheap or political about it.

It isn’t Nancy Boyda who has forgotten what this debate is about- it’s the radical minority who voted to sustain the veto and who want desperately to make SCHIP something other than what it is: a bill to make sure children have health insurance.

They concluded their nonsensical rant with the following statement:

"You don't pull out the pity card in an attempt to gain favor with your District."

No, you don’t have to, because you voted to protect children, and you voted the way that’s correct for the district and the country.

What you don’t do is play partisan games with the health of children. But that’s a lesson the radical Republican minority in the House and President George W. Bush just hasn’t learned yet.


Anonymous said...

great post!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick of hearing about children's health. The whole issue is nothing byt a smokescreen to divert attention from the real issue - that is, of course, the war against Christmas. What is Nancy Boyda going to do to stop the secular humanists from destroying our most sacred family holiday? Does Nancy Boyda set up a nativity scene in her front yard to celebrate the birth of Jesus? Jim Ryun sets his up on Labor Day and leaves it up until Valentine's Day.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs to explain to Nancy the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Please reference Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 2:1-20.

Anonymous said...

This Christmas, I'm going to send Nancy a copy of "The Passion of the Christ" DVD. The newest version has bloopers at the end.

Anonymous said...

Monica Bellucci is way hot as Mary Magdelene.

Anonymous said...

Is it a sin to think that Mary Magdelene is hot?

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