Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Poll results clear: Ryun more pathetic than Jenkins

Thank you to everyone who has participated in both of the polls we've conducted here at BoydaBloc- we've been generally pleased with the number of folks taking time to click.

This week, you told us- resoundingly, that you found Jim Ryun's FEC report that showed he spend nearly every single dime of the $250K he raised this quarter significantly more depressing than the fact Lynn Jenkins raised nearly all of her money in Kansas- just not from people she'll ever represent in Congress (well, that's everyone she raised money from, because she isn't going to ever be in Congress, but we were talking specifically to the people who live outside the boundaries of the district).

Our sample size wasn't large and it certainly wasn't scientific, but the results of the poll are pretty clear nonetheless: a person who purports to be a fiscal conservative running for Congress burning through 87% of the money he raised should be the punchline of a bad joke- unfortunately for Jim Ryun- and fortunately for Nancy Boyda- that's exactly what it is.

(Also, earlier today we had our 1,000th page view- thanks so much for making us a success!)


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you are going to make the same comment about the two fund raisers that Nancy will be having in the KC area?

Unless she knows something about the real estate market that nobody else does, she will never represent those folks either.

I don't have a problem with raising money out of district or out of state, but you seem to.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Lynn Jenkins is raising money from the people who voted her into her current office. Remember it is a statewide position.

Anonymous said...

hey Bloc,

We really would rather run against Ryun in the general, so, you know, stop boosting for Jenkins...

Anonymous said...

I know that it isn't always fun to admit that your independent, not controlled by special interest Congresswoman took in more than twice as much special interest PAC money ($80K) as money from her district ($35K), but that's the reality.

Boyda Bloc said...

We are equal opportunity mockers- it just happens that Ryun has recently given us more ammo than Lynn. We'll get back to her shortly, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

save your Ryun ammo for the general!

Which is more important to you? A post? or a beatable nominee?

Anonymous said...

Campaign coffers are not savings accounts, unless you expect to lose and you want to take the money and run. I'm not sure what Boyda Bloc wants Ryun to do with the funds raised if not spend them. This seems like a lame attack. You certainly can do better.

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