Saturday, October 27, 2007

Boyda helps recognize single dad for foster work

A heart warming story appeared in The Clay Center Dispatch on Oct. 25 about Stuart Griffiths, a foster parent who received the 2007 Angel in Adoption Award presented by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute for his work helping children in need.

Griffiths, who has fostered 32 children since he was in college, traveled to Washington, DC on Oct. 3 to accept the award, accompanied by Congresswoman Nancy Boyda.

She said the following in a press release, as printed by The Clay Center Dispatch:

"For over a decade now, Stuart has opened his home and his heart to children in need. His efforts and moving and truly inspiring and I'm pleased to have the chance to honor his caring work. Of course, no award can repay the efforts of caring men and women like Stuart, but I hope the recognition helps to express our nation's gratitude for their efforts."

This blog would like to echo the Congresswoman's statement, and congratulate Mr. Griffiths on his award!


Anonymous said...

Nancy Boyda should adopt a new orphan every year around Christmas time. That would show that she's really compassionate. Also, Nancy Boyda let homeless people sleep in her living room. And, she should give her Congressional paycheck to the Humane Society to feed stray dogs.

Anonymous said...

This is a really boring blog.

Anonymous said...

whatever- you just don't like it because they attack Republicans instead of Democrats

Anonymous said...

I wish this blog would attack Republicans. They deserve it. This is all mindless fluff.

Anonymous said...

just read down a little ways- they attack Republicans plenty.

the top says they're trying to defend Boyda- so that's what you're going to get...sometimes that will be pretty juicy lol

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