Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Boyda doubles opponents in local fundraising

A deeper look in the 3Q FEC reports from Congresswoman Nancy Boyda, Lynn Jenkins and Jim Ryun shows some embarrassing little problems for the two Republicans in the race.

First, Jim Ryun posted 368 itemized (over $250) contributions- a huge number. Unfortunately for the former congressman, very few of those donors were from the state of Kansas, and a tiny percent were from the district he hopes to represent again. Of the 368 donors, only 109, or 29.6%, were from Kansas and only 40, or 10.9% were from the Second Congressional District- a truly stunning figure from someone who says the people of the district want him back in office.

Next, Lynn Jenkins certainly did a better job keeping her fundraising in state- 92% of the itemized contributions she reported where from right here in Kansas. Again, unfortunately, only 25.7% of those donations came from her home district, with the vast majority coming out of the Kansas City Metro area and Wichita. For those of you who like the numbers, Jenkins reported 159 itemized contributions, 147 were from Kansas, while 41 come out of the KS-2.

Finally, Congresswoman Nancy Boyda reported slightly fewer overall itemized contributions than Jenkins did- 155, with 122 (79%) of them being Kansas donors. Here's the part that should make Republicans foam at the mouth: of those 122 donors, 86 of them were 2nd Congressional district residents, meaning a full 55.5% of Boyda's itemized contribution from individuals came from the district she currently represents.

Nancy Boyda had twice as many in-district contributors as either Jenkins or Ryun. Actually, Jenkins' and Ryun's combined number of itemized 2nd congressional district donors doesn't even meet Boyda's mark.

For three people running for the same thing, it's surprising how differently they're proceeding. Lynn Jenkins looks to be planning to be a second representative for Wichita and Kansas City, while Jim Ryun is angling to represent California, Maine, Texas, Florida, Oregon, New York, Mississippi...every state but Kansas.


Anonymous said...

lol good post. I like that all of the conservatives attacked boyda, but she is the only one who is even close to Kansas, and she works in Washington, DC, unlike Ryun who's supposed to live in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Odd. You didn't mention that those itemized donors were probably the only KS donors Boyda had on her 3Q report. I think Jenkins and Ryun have a lot more KS donors, just small dollar donors who don't have to be itemized. Good smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

Did Ryun move from Kansas? Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

no, Ryun's still living in Kanasas- Boyda Bloc was trying to be funny.

and i'd be surprised if the percents changed a whole lot if you took unitemized donations into account.

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