Monday, October 29, 2007

If You Can't Spin It, Just Lie

At the end of the day, blogging isn't an art, and most of the folk out there aren't in it to win any awards for investigative journalism, so why should we be surprised the folks at Stay Red Kansas today apparently said, "Oh, the heck with it, we'll throw out a full blown lie and pretend it's the truth!"

Seeing that the right-wing spin regarding Nancy Boyda's Kansas fundraiser featuring Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't getting anyway (Kansans are smarter than the anti-Boyda blogs think), SRK decided to make it known that, actually, it ISN'T a Kansas fundraiser at all- that, actually, it's in Missouri and hosted by a liberal special interest group!

I'm sure Lyn Shaw and Dennis Langley (former Chairman of the Kansas Democratic Party) will be surprised to find their home had been moved across the state line and into Kansas City, Missouri- and, also, that they've turned there home into the headquarters of the Missouri ERA PAC.

We expect wacko posts from SRK- but this goes one step farther than their usual lunacy and into the realm of blatant lies. I'm sure they're hoping no one will call them on it- oops, we just did.


Anonymous said...

Wow, poor Dennis - now he's a Missourian, I'm not sure I can think of much worse!

Anonymous said...

good job calling SRK out for being crazy psychos- you have earned my respect.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ..... kinda like the stories of the money Boyda is taking from Washington isn't special interest money.

Hold yourself to the same standard that you seem to want to hold Republicans to.

Anonymous said...

Is the fundraiser in her district????

.... because I know Boyda's people have been critical of Lynn Jenkins for raising money from out of district.

I am sure she wouldn't be doing that .... just like she isn't taking special interest money

Anonymous said...

There are two fund raisers. The one mentioned by SRK and the one in KS. Neither of which are in her district, but who's counting.

Anonymous said...

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