Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ryun lies- again

I know I run the risk of becoming boring with repetitive posts like this one, but for some reason I think it's important to point out when people seeking the public trust out-and-out lie- over and over again.

So, here it is, this time reported in the Washington, DC political piece The Hill, Jim Ryun saying he would have sustained the president's veto of SCHIP because it would have covered illegals. (Also, a funny quote from State Sen. Nick Jordan, who is running in a quixotic quest to unseat Congressman Dennis Moore...he just doesn't know what to think).

Get a clue, Jim, Senator Pat Roberts, the senior Republican elected official in the state of Kansas, already made it pretty clear that particular talking point is a bunch of blather.

Lying to the voters isn't any way to regain their trust.


Anonymous said...

Dennis Moore can play guitar and sing songs. What instrument does Boyda play? If she doesn't already have an instrument, I'd recommend that she start playing the fiddle. The small town types would be real impressed if Boyda could do "Devil Went Down to Georgia."

Anonymous said...

actually, she sings

Anonymous said...

I was the lead singer for a Poison tribute band called "Toxin." Ask Nancy if she knows the lyrics to "Nothin' But a Good Time."

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