Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Each of the folks running for the 2nd Congressional District seat shows a significant amount of debt on their 3rd Quarter reports, with both Congresswoman Nancy Boyda and Lynn Jenkins owing themselves a great deal of money.

The only candidate with real debt, however, is Jim Ryun, who owes something in the neighborhood of $43,000 to help cover the costs of his 3Q fundraising efforts.

Giving your campaign your own money shows a degree of dedication to your cause. Real debt- owing money to someone else- isn't the sort of thing you'd expect from a fiscal conservative, and not something you should look for in a steward of taxpayer dollars.


Anonymous said...

What is Nancy's debt anyway? Is it still close to $300k?

Anonymous said...

It is. From FEC.gov.

Debts: $286,742

Anonymous said...

yes, but it's debt owed to herself, not to someone else, like Ryun's is.

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