Saturday, February 16, 2008

Boyda honored by Kansas farmers

Congresswoman Nancy Boyda has been honored by Kansas farmers for her work on behalf of ag producers in her first year in Congress.

Boyda received the 2008 Ruth Hirsch Award, which is given annually to an individual who has provided outstanding leadership and dedication to Kansas family farmers. Considered the most prestigious award given by the state organization, it is named after Ruth Hirsch who worked tirelessly on behalf of the Kansas Farmers Union and its members.
The President of the Kansas Farmers Union Donn Teske said "that it gave him 'great pleasure' to present the award to Boyda, who has shown outstanding dedication and service to agriculture and to Kansans in the short time she has served in the House of Representatives."
As a member of the House Agriculture Committee, she immediately jumped into the fire in hammering out the House version of the 2007 farm bill, drawing on input from her constituents and the Kansas and National Farmers Union organizations in crafting the bill. She is a member of the Farmers Union and has also received the Golden Triangle Award from the National Farmers Union for her work on agriculture-related issues.

National Farmers Union President Tom Buis, who was present at the convention banquet, also applauded Boyda for her work on the farm bill and other issues relevant to rural America during his remarks to convention attendees.

Ever since Congresswoman Boyda took office last January, we've seen these sort of awards and accolades from her constituents. Sometimes it's easy to forget the right-wing bloggers and the NRCC aren't the only ones who have an opinion on Nancy Boyda- and it's been clear since day one that her constituents think she's doing a superb job.


Anonymous said...

The National Farmers Union is not your mainstream farm organization. An award and an endorsement from the Kansas Farm Bureau would be a much more important and effective in getting KS farmers to vote for her. Does she have the support and endorsement of the Kansas Farm Bureau??

Anonymous said...

Oh, please. The idiots of the Kansas Farm Bureau think that NAFTA is great, so I doubt that very many people care who they support OR endorse.

Anonymous said...

the NFU is a farmers organization, and they approve of Nancy.

And, yes, the Farm Bureau recognized her for her work on the farm bill, too.

Anonymous said...

good job nancy!

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