Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The ultimate in outreach

Nancy Boyda will once again file for Congress by petition- something she did in 2004, and was the first person to file by petition for Congress in Kansas in longer than anyone could remember.

(Sorry for no updates for a last couple days....caucusing and all...we'll have more on everyone's FEC reports later today).


Anonymous said...

Will she and her campaign volunteers be at the Republican caucuses on Saturday or does she only care about what Democrats are concerned about?

She won't get re-elected without getting the support of many Republicans.

Anonymous said...

only registered democrats can sign the petition.

stillwaters said...

I didn't see her petition at my caucus site. Is there a way to sign it online? Or some other way?

Anonymous said...

So in this case independents don't matter?

stillwaters said...

To those questioning Boyda's petition drive:

She is running as the Democratic candidate in the KS-02 district. Why would she require Republicans to sign a petition like this? Think of it as a closed primary/caucus.

Anonymous said...

You have to actually sign the petition in person. You have to be a registered Democrat, and you have to live in the 2nd Congressional District of Kansas.

In this instance, you must be a Democrat to participate, because she's filing for the Democratic Party primary.

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