Friday, February 1, 2008

FEC Analysis: Ryun spends like a drunken sailor

John McCain would say the drunken sailors of the world would resent the comparison, but Jim Ryun's campaign fundraising ship is absolutely sinking.

First, the man has raised a huge amount of money- nearly $1 million bucks ($960,127.85 to be exact). But now, shockingly, he only has $364,789.19 in the bank- a burn rate of nearly 75%!

Want in God's name is he spending it all on?

Well, in addition to caging voters, Ryun paid himself another $3,500 in mileage reimbursements (great to line your own pockets) and spent over $213 at a Kwik Shop in Lawrence.

That's a lot of Skittles, my friends.

Jim spent the vast majority of his money raising money, spendin' almost $35,000 on postage alone. It's sad he spent so much money on fundraising, of course, because only had a net increase to his cash on hand by $30,130.93.

So sorry. Not as horrible as Lynn's report, and we'll get to that one next.


Anonymous said...

Skittles...I love it!

Anonymous said...

the burn rate would be reflective of the GOP as a whole. Deficit? How's that small government workin' out for ya there???

Anonymous said...

Is that a new $200+ Kwik Shop charge, or the same one that's been previously reported? If it's a new one you'd think that he would have learned his lesson, but if it's the same old one you kinda misrepresented that fact. Hopefully it's the former.

Boyda Bloc said...

it's 35 visits in the 4th quarter totaling $213.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ..... you might want to ask your governor about the smaller government thing .... since she has taken office the only growth in jobs in Kansas has been in government ..... private sector jobs have decreased.

Anonymous said...

boyda bloc --- Thanks for the clarification.

anonymous #4 --- At least she's created new jobs. If her administration hadn't done that, just imagine how much worse our current recession would be.

Anonymous said...

anonymous #5

Just think how much more money taxpayers would keep in their pockets and be able to spend without the additional government jobs..... which would help us get out of a recession also

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