Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ryun-Delay? Jenkins-O'Conner? Ryun-Foley? There it is!

There seems to have been a small rebellion across the waters at Bounce Boyda, our very favorite Internet arm of the Kansas Republican Party.

A whole slew of commenters over yonder have started smacking our conservative nutjob friend over the head for always, without fail, calling Congresswoman Nancy Boyda "Nancy Boyda-Pelsoi," in an effort, you see, to show they are so similar, that they're the same person. Or that they've gotten married. Or something. We're still unclear.

It became so bad Bounce had to come done from on high and post their own comment, explaining that it is so important for everyone to remember Nancy Boyda and Nancy Pelosi share more in common than a first name, they also vote the same!

We're sure that sends partisan hacks through the roof, but it's not only melodramatic, it's also disingenuous.

Congresswoman Boyda has, of course, voted with her party most of the time, but her year and a month in office has been peppered with votes against leadership, and for Kansas

Most of the time- most of the time- the House Democrat's agenda is fine for Kansas, but sometimes it isn't, and the best point to illustrate that is on illegal immigration. We won't let anyone forget that Nancy Boyda was one of the only Democrats in the entire Chamber who joined with nearly all of the Republicans to defeat the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill.

Yes, Boyda voted with Pelosi to name a couple hundred post offices, but when it comes to the big things, like illegal immigration, she obviously isn't in lockstep.

So, Bounce Boyda, hate her, whatever you want- go for it. But grow up. Paint your connection between the two by doing the research, not with some junior high hyphen party. Both sides of this debate have important things to say, and whenever you make a valid point (however rarely that may be), it's undermined by our total lack of credibility, because you aren't even mature enough to call her Congresswoman Nancy Boyda.

Actually...on second thought, don't stop!


Anonymous said...

i was reading this and going "no, you don't want them to stop, it makes them look stupid..."

i'm glad you got to that same place in the end, too.

Anonymous said...

You know, I used to visit Bounce Boyda after each time I visited this blog, but ever since you took the link off of your blogroll I haven't bothered to look up the address. Since you linked to the site in this post I'm tempted to go back for the lulz, but I'm not sure if I will.

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind Boyda Bloc that it's Lynn Jenkins-Ceepeeaye, not Jenkins-O'Conner. If your opponent is going to supply you with ammunition you should be polite and use it at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please remind people that Lynn Jenkins is a CPA. I am sure that information will damage her tremendously.

Anonymous said...

Bounce Boyda serves a make every other political blog in Kansas look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

"I am sure that information will damage her tremendously."

It does damage her because it turns her into a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

because lord knows being a CPA helped her be treasurer.

can't you see her, late at night, counting pennies.

and, also, i hope the keep calling nancy something other than her name...don't they know it makes them look stupid?

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested to find out what bill you think the House voted on that was close to the McCain-Kennedy bill?

Anonymous said...

they didn't...such a bill wasn't brought to the floor because of opposition from all the republicans and democrats like boyda.

Bill W said...

I supported Nancy Boyda bigtime in her 06 campaign (I canvassed at least a thousand homes across 3 counties and put out several hundred yard signs for her in the process) but when it comes to immigration we part company. I'll still vote for her over any repuke come Nov, and hope she wins, but I'll also gladly work field for any primary challenge against her in the future for anyone more sensible about immigration.

Lou Dobbs disease is as heinous as a Klan membership, for the same reasons.

Anonymous said...

You're parting company with a large percentage of Democrats as well as Congresswoman Boyda with your stance Americans are sick and tired of illegal aliens overrunning our country with our government doing absolutely nothing to stop it. Lou Dobbs is one of the few members of the Corporate Media who has the courage to address this issue, and I commend him for that. Too many Americans are getting screwed by illegal aliens and outsourcing of jobs, but neither party seems to want to do anything about either of those problems.

Anonymous said...

Oops....there should have been a period after "stance" and before "Americans"

Anonymous said...

in the end, we're not together on illegal immigration, either...but we are together on almost everything i'm willing to turn a blind eye on that one issue (or risk being like anti-abortion Republicans).

Anonymous said...

And Nancy Boyda's background .... hmmmm ... I seem to remember her working for the same large pharmaceutical companies that many Demoncrats see as evil.

They probably weren't evil though when she was taking her paycheck from them.

Anonymous said...

she's talked at length about one of the reasons she ran for congress was seeing how messed up the big pharma companies are.

her experience makes her uniquely qualified to be in congress.

Anonymous said...

this was a great post...Bounce is a horrible blog, and has done so much damage to the "anti-boyda" movement online it's wonderful!

keep up the good work!

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