Monday, February 25, 2008

Republicans losing on FISA

We know we're going to spend the next several days just as we've spend the last several: explaining calmly and rationally that the Republicans are lying to the American people- that they're playing politics with our national security.

Congresswoman Nancy Boyda and many of her colleagues in the House are protecting our civil liberties...while, at the very same time protecting America.

We're posting this video of the floor speech delivered by Rep. Steny Hoyer the day the Republicans walked off the floor after not getting their way- while, if you apply their logic, leaving Americans vulnerable to terrorist attack. We've said it before, and we'll say it again right now: Even they would compromise before leaving us less safe- because they didn't, we can all be assured that they are lying to us, and that we are just as safe as we were before.

Hoyer says it's the politics of fear. Keith Olbermann calls it terrorism of the purest form. We'll let you decide what it is.


Anonymous said...

it's so clear the republicans are full of it and that they are trying to misled people right now...i can't believe they continue to say the same stupid things!

Anonymous said...

They keep saying the same stupid things because they keep getting repeated on Faux News and by Limpbaugh, so the republican base believes it to be fact. The typical republican voter isn't very smart, so the republican party and the corporate media count on and exploit that fact.

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