Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ryun tours Parsons... continues to be oblivious

An article appeared in today's Parsons Sun about former Congressman Jim Ryun's Wednesday visit to Parsons, and included one of the best quotes ever from the former member of Congress in reference to his disaster of a 2006 campaign:

"I didn't have the best race. That's behind me now," he said.
Understatement of the year- but the only thing behind you is your career in Congress, my friend.

It is almost taking credit for running a miserable campaign, though it is certainly a nicer thing to say than blaming your volunteers for your defeat like you did in November 2006:

Ryun, of Lawrence, said his campaign volunteers were lulled into a false sense of confidence because he easily defeated Boyda in 2004.

"It was difficult to get them engaged because they said, 'Well, you won by 15 points last time.' " Ryun said.
The rest of this new article is just Ryun campaign fluff, and most of it is just more hypocritical nonsense. If you're so concerned about illegal immigration, Jim, why didn't you while the Republicans in the majority do anything about it? If you're so worried about spending why didn't you do anything to limit spending while in office? You had 10 years buddy, and in those 10 years wasteful earmarks and the deficit exploded, a war was mismanaged, and all the while the Republicans in Congress pushed for huge tax shifts from the wealthy onto the middle- and lower- class.

Did you lose in 2006 because you had bad volunteers, because you just ran a bad campaign, or because you were the most conservative cog in the worst Do-Nothing Congress in history?


Anonymous said...

i still can't believe jim ryun blamed his volunteers for his classless!

he's going to win the primary, and Nancy's going to kick his butt- again!

Anonymous said...

What did Ryun do in his ten years in Washington? Illegal aliens still overrun this country, our deficits and debt are at all-time highs, and abortion is still legal. Your republican party had complete control of all three branches of government for four solid years, but they still didn't deliver on their promises to you. Why do you still support them? Why not break away and start your own political party?

Anonymous said...

So Jim Ryun's earmarks were wasteful spending and Nancy Boyda's earmarks are not?

In my opinion Jim will not even win the primary. I have seen him many times at political events and most often he is standing or sitting by himself. I don't believe even a lot of conservative Republicans believe he can win again.

On a national level, only like 10% of defeated Congressmen won when they attempted to come back in the following election.

Anonymous said...

jim will win the primary...someone like lynn could never convince republicans to pick her over a hero like ryun.

Boyda will kill him in the general.

Anonymous said...

Jim a hero ..... to who?

Heck his career was over long before many voters were even born. He needs to find something to talk about that wasn't 35 years ago. Has he not accomplished anything since 1972?

Anonymous said...

jim is washed up and was a miserable congressman....but fits better with the social conservative nutjobs that are the Republican party primary voters in eastern kansas (mike huckabee, anyone?).

so, yeah, ryun's going to win the nomination...and then get SMASHED in the general.

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