Thursday, February 21, 2008

More done in one year than in 10

We've said it over and over and over again, and we're happy to say it again today: Congresswoman Nancy Boyda will be re-elected on the backs of her fantastic constituent services staff.

Congress on Your Corner, a program that has taken Boyda and her staff into every single county in the district at least once (there have actually been 31 of them- there are 26 counties in the district), is only a small part of the excellent work she and her staff have done.

Recently an article was placed on her official web site detailing all of the casework handled by her offices in Topeka, Pittsburg and Washington, DC. That article shows that in one year Boyda and her staff helped more than 2,000 with all sorts of problems relating to the federal government.

In brief:

  • Boyda and her staff helped more than 350 people with military/ veterans issues, ranging from correcting veteran's benefit problems or obtaining medals never awarded.
  • They assisted more than 170 groups and individuals going through the federal grant process.
  • Cases directly related to the disasters early in the year, and helping people deal with FEMA, took up a significant amount of time, and the article mentions for many that process is ongoing for many victims.
The story that article tells about the Social Security disability backlog is particularly poignant- 3 years for an appeal to work it's way through after someone has been rejected the first time and no improvement in sight:
Of course, disability applicants are generally unable to work, so this kind of wait puts them in a terrible place. Our office has worked diligently to find a solution to this problem, and throughout the last half of 2007, we worked with the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review to shepherd cases through the bureaucratic mess. Since then, many of our constituents have been able to obtain the benefits they need. The Social Security Administration is also working with us to help reduce the backlog so that others won't have to face going years unable to work without the benefits they have earned.
We're sure many of you remember the passport crisis that hit international travelers in the beginning of 2007, and in what might be the most stunning number related in the whole article, Boyda's district staff helped nearly 800 people receive their passports in a timely manner.

OK, actually, that's not the more stunning number in the article, this one is: Boyda and her staff sent more than 60,000 letters to constituents in response to letters on all sorts of subjects.

Just that much more fact to support the idea Congresswoman Nancy Boyda is always there for all of us.


Anonymous said...

60,000 letters send out in reply to letters sent in? holy moly that's crazy!

Anonymous said...

Arm must be getting tired from patting yourselves on the back.

If you are doing so much wouldn't the people in the district know this?

Why such a poor approval rating if she is doing so much?

Anonymous said...

Congresswoman Boyda has certainly done a fantastic job in just her first year in office, but your title is misleading. I was expecting at the very least a side-by-side comparison of their accomplishments and would have preferred some bar graphs and charts, so your article left me wanting more. I realize that you have other responsibilities outside of this blog, but how about writing a new article to fit this ones title? Ryun didn't accomplish much during his time in Washington, so it shouldn't be very hard or take you very much time.

Anonymous said...

a very cool suggestion about a side-by-side...i second that!

to the 2nd poster...the people in the district do know, and no one has ever posted a poll that showed her with a bad rating. i'm sure it's at least on par with both senators.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it's on par with both senators . . .

If I remember correctly, during Ryun's campaign at an event I attended he was asked about this and he said he responded to slightly more casework concerns (about 250/month), roughly 30,000 constituent inquiries (you can't send more out than you get in, remember) and he also had an e-mail list of about 40,000 that he e-mailed once a month.

Most members of Congress do this. You'd probably find all 4 House members with similar numbers.

Anonymous said...

i was saying her approval rating is on par with both senators...give or take 55%

and i'm sure ryun has fine services, too...boyda simply can't be called out of touch because she's obviously really responsive.

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