Friday, February 15, 2008

FISA and the desperation of the KS GOP

OK, Bounce Boyda, if you want to play ball, we'll play ball.

Yesterday Congress voted against extending for three weeks the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act...and our nutjob Republican friends would love for you to believe it's because Nancy Boyda singlehandedly convinced the majority to oppose the bill and, thus, give the terrorists the keys to City Hall.

Funny, because Congresswoman Boyda voted in favor of extending the act for a further three weeks so differences between the Democrats and Republicans could be worked out. That planned extension was prevented by the Republicans in Congress.

It's stunning- and depressing- that today the Republicans are blaming the Democrats for the extension not being passed when they were the ones who refused to compromise and refused to allow more time for bipartisan negotiations.

Republicans are playing politics with our national security and are fear-mongering, and that's depressing:

“The president repeated today his untenable and irresponsible claim that our national security will be jeopardized unless the House immediately rubber-stamps a Senate bill to modify the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act,” said [House Majority Leader Steny] Hoyer in a statement released by his office.

“In fact, a wide range of national security experts has made clear that the President and our intelligence community have all the tools they need to protect our nation, if the PAA expires.”

A new bill needs passed, absolutely. But this failure is a Republican one. Nancy Boyda, Dennis Moore, the Democratic Leadership and, yes, even the evil Speaker Nancy Pelosi are trying to solve very real problems in FISA, and the Republicans are the ones who are refusing to put the good of the United States of America before blind devotion to partisan politics.

We've said what needs said on earmark reform- she's done more than your party did in 10 years. She's vote for reform after reform, shed light on the process, and has benefited her constituents, all at the same time.

Bring a bigger bat next time, kid.


Anonymous said...


this is too funny.

Anonymous said...

No immunity for the telecoms. If they broke they law they should pay the consequences. I'm happy to say that I called Congresswoman Boyda's Washington office on Thursday to tell her that I don't want immunity for the telecoms, and I was even happier when I saw that the Democrats in the House finally realized that they're in charge.

Anonymous said...

boyda's voted against immunity every time it's been up, and i'm proud of her for standing up to idiots like Bounce Boyda and the whole Republican party leadership.

matter of fact, i'm prouder of this vote than almost any she's cast.

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