Monday, April 28, 2008

Boyda & Moore Vote on Tax Relief While Republicans Lie

"Largest tax increase in history," right?


From the Lawrence Journal-World:

It’s a simple statement that packs a powerful political wallop.

Jim Ryun, Lynn Jenkins and Nick Jordan — all Republicans trying to unseat two Democratic congressional incumbents who represent Lawrence — say the Democrats voted for the largest tax increase in the history of the United States.

Did U.S. Rep. Nancy Boyda, whose district includes west Lawrence, and U.S. Rep. Dennis Moore, whose district includes east Lawrence, endorse such a proposal?

Both Boyda and Moore say absolutely not, and that their potential rivals are distorting the record.

And they, of course, are distorting the records of both Boyda & Moore. What actually happened?

Hours after the vote, the National Republican Congressional Committee issued a news release targeting what it considers vulnerable Democrats, and accusing them of voting for a record $683 billion tax increase.

But the Democrats say that’s not true, and so does a nonpartisan budget study group.

“It’s dishonest to claim that the budget resolution passed by the House ‘raises’ taxes,” said Moore. “The budget resolution does not change the tax code at all, but presents a fiscally responsible long-term plan for our nation’s finances, including keeping tax relief for families and the middle class,” he said.

Democrats argue the resolution envisions eliminating the budget deficit in 2012, while funding critical needs and preserving middle class tax cuts.

Repeat: it preserves the middle class tax cuts. Preserves them. End of story. Might taxes go up on the wealthiest Americans? Yes, yes they just might, but will they increase on middle class Americans. No.

But Jim Ryun is perfectly happy to lie about that.

In a speech before the anti-tax group Americans for Prosperity, Ryun said the resolution that Boyda voted for will increase the taxes on millions of Americans, including many in the middle class.

But the resolution also includes policy language that calls for middle income tax relief, including extension of the increase in the child tax credit, relief from the so-called marriage penalty, and other deductions aimed at the middle class.

“Nancy has always believed that the middle class relief should be made permanent,” said her spokesman Thomas Seay. He said the sunset clauses in Bush’s plan don’t take effect until 2011. “Nancy has said again and again that when this issue reaches a vote, she’ll support extending middle class tax relief,” Seay said.

Ryun is willfully misleading anyone who will listen to him about what this resolution did- and that is simply beneath someone who wants to represent all of us in the United States Congress.

So, fine, you don't want to take it from two Democrats that they aren't raising taxes when Republicans say they are? That's fair. How about, instead, a non-partisan group of budget analysts?

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities says the budget resolution contains no tax increase, let alone the largest in U.S. history.

The resolution approved by the House assumed that the nation’s tax law would be amended to extend some of the expiring tax cuts, especially those affecting middle class families, according to the center, which is a nonpartisan group that works on policies and programs that affect low- and moderate-income families. The costs of those tax cuts would be offset by other changes in policy, which could include eliminating the tax cuts for the very wealthy, some Democrats have argued.

Of the allegations made by the Republicans, Aviva Aron-Dine, a policy analyst with the center, said, “Our view is that that claim is inaccurate.”

She added, “The language of tax increases is very powerful. It’s important to correct the record.”

You better bet your boots it's important to correct the record. Lynn Jenkins, Jim Ryun & Nick Jordan, along with the NRCC, are all misleading voters- and, we're sorry, lying about something as fundamental as a tax increase is deeply distressing.

Don't let the Republicans lie to voters- make sure everyone knows Nancy Boyda is committed to working for middle class tax relief.


Anonymous said...

have you seen this? Apparently Ryun is against a border fence...

Anonymous said...

this person posted this exact same post at TKR...$5 if you tell us who you are :-)

Anonymous said...

i love republicans...they'll say whatever they want people to believe.

i'm proud boyda is cutting taxes for the middle class, and i'm glad this article ran.

Anonymous said...

HaHa! I looked at the clip. Uh, I think Ryun says he is for the fence, he just mentioned that there are areas (which is true) where an actual physical fence cannot be built, thus the need for a virtual fence. Great selective editing of the video.
Good grief, is this the juvenile type stuff the Jenkins' camp is going to engage in?
I thought it was pretty damn funny that only 7 (now 8) people have actually watched the clip. Come on, Patrick-you and Jenkins need to try harder!!

Anonymous said...

The fact that the budget isn't enforceable without another vote in Congress doesn't change the fact that Boyda voted for it. What, is she going to flip-flop and vote against the same increases when they come up for a second vote? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Quotes are pretty clear, Republican- Boyda isn't going to vote to increase taxes on the middle class. She hasn't yet, she isn't going to, and you people are reaching.

as to the video...i love watching republicans get nasty with each other!

Anonymous said...

Jenkins has her own immigration problems.

Anonymous said...

Jim Ryun doesn't want a border fence, Lynn Jenkins doesn't want to punish employers who knowingly hire illegals. It's like a battle of who can be the softest on immigration.

Anonymous said...

and the one with the best track record, Nancy Boyda, will keep the seat!

looks good to me!

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