Tuesday, April 15, 2008

UPDATE- And (Finally) Jenkins Numbers In

We've got everyone now- Jenkins trails badly in the fundraising category, while Congresswoman Nancy Boyda is way way way out in the lead in money in the bank.

More analysis tonight!

State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins
Beginning CoH: $416,241.73
Receipts: $108,200.13
Disbursements: $38,213.32
CoH: $486,228.54

Frm. Congressman Jim Ryun
Beginning CoH: $364,970.71
Receipts: $251,581.53
Disbursements: $157,503.46
CoH: $459,048.78

Congresswoman Nancy Boyda
Beginning CoH: $654,420.83
Receipts: $226,617.82
Disbursements: $69,813.07
CoH: $811,225.58


Anonymous said...

Results are in for Ryun.

Spent like a drunk again.

Looks like Kyle got a raise.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Ryun outraises Boyda. And, as always, he'll blow Lynn Jenkins out of the fundraising water.

Anonymous said...

the AP report from yesterday said Ryun outraised Boyda by about $30K

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if he outraises Jenkins if, if he keeps spending it on reimbursing himself for outlandish amount of mileage and getting taqitos at the 6th street Kwik Shop he won't have any money left to actually run an election.

The fact of the matter is, Ryun spends his campaign money just like he spent the people's money and Lynn Jenkins is the only person who can actually beat Boyda.

Anonymous said...

Uh...kinda hard to win a general election with no money. Jenkins hasn't posted her numbers yet because it will embarrass her campaign.

Anonymous said...

The people of the second district don't care about money, they care about the issues. Lynn Jenkins understands that you can't hold businesses accountable for hiring illegal immigrants. She understands that sometimes earmarks are ok and she understands that you have to keep the deficit down. Raise all the money you want, Lynn Jenkins is the kind of leadership the 2nd district needs.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Prime Buzz reported that Jenkins only raised $100,000! WEAK!!!

Anonymous said...

FOMG, that's AWFUL. Guess we'll see Ryun v. Boyda, round 3.

Anonymous said...

No one gives Lynn Jenkins any money because she's so damn annoying. Perhaps she should start using it to her advantage. "I'll leave the room if you write me a check for $2,300.00!"

Anonymous said...

You guys are hysterical. You're fighting over the pot and the kettle. Both suck at raising money. Both don't have a clue as to what the 2nd district wants. Both are annoying as crap.

Neither hold a candle to Nancy Boyda.

Anonymous said...

Jim Ryun has campaign contributions from thousands of ordinary Kansans. That is the only measurement of support that matters.

Anonymous said...

looks like jimmy actually raise NO money in kansas...AGAIN

Anonymous said...

Nickel and dime donors across the state of Kansas won't matter to Jim when they don't live in the 2CD.

He can't raise any real money in the 2CD, as his reports show once again, and buying a breakfast sausage, a couple frapachinos, and the papers every morning he goes out on the campaign trail isn't going to cut it.

Why do people keep giving him money to feed Anne and him at the Outback and Applebee's? And to pay for him to jump around the country on US Air?

Lynn still has more cash on hand and she managed her money well (big shock from a CeeeePeeeeAaaaa. I was initially concerned at the amount raised until I actually went through her receipts.

All but a hand full were from Kansas (sorry, I know KC, MO isn't technically KS but close enough) and while not all were in the 2CD not many have maxed out. Let's be honest, there's no real R campaign in the 3rd CD, Todd already has more than what he needs and Moran has a free ride...so does Pat. A lot of Pat's donors are on her list...just sayin'.

I don't know if it is the case, but there seems to be a lot of money still left on the table. It will be interesting how much comes in July. Some simple math says just out of this reporting period, about 250 to 300 left on the table.

That said, the 160lbs gorilla in the room is Boyda will have 1.25+ on hand for the general plus whatever she needs from across the country. There isn't enough money in the 2cd (or Kansas for that matter) to replenish to that level so the R nominee is going to have to look outside of the state to be able to play.

Welcome to the big time.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice Ryun reimbursed his campaign 735.59 for airfare? Think that might be his Hawaii trip?

Anonymous said...

OMG...Did Ryun buy the AARP list? Where did all the retired people come from?

stillwaters said...

Where is everyone getting these details from?

Anyone have a link?

Boyda Bloc said...

We've now linked to everyone's FEC report so you can look over them yourselves.

We've got some analysis up for Lynn's filing right now...we'll have more about Jim & Nancy early tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Who cares where Lynn Jenkins' money came from, she can't match Ryun and will get trounced.

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