Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Helluva Bad Week: Jenkins Encourages Increase in Social Security Taxes

This has to be the very worst week Lynn Jenkins has had thus far in her sad little campaign for Congress.

Now, on top of a tiny FEC report, a fundraiser with the poster child of pro-choice Republicans, and a poll that shows her getting just slammed by Jim Ryun, we're hearing from all over the tubes that Jenkins has actually said she wants to increase Social Security withholding taxes.

We'll say it again more slowly: Lynn Jenkins has suggested the government increase taxes.

Honestly, though, when we read the quote from Kyle Robertson in the article about the new poll in yesterday's The Hill, we thought he was reacting very strangely to what we thought looked like good news for the Ryun campaign. Really, a 16-point margin isn't anything to sneeze at, but the Ryun campaign called Jenkins out for "dirty tricks."

“It’s obvious that Lynn Jenkins will use dirty tactics to avoid discussing her latest plan to raise taxes on Social Security.”
What? Increase taxes on Social Security? Hadn't yet heard that one..but we're obviously behind the times, because a poster at says this has been Jenkins' MO for awhile now:
Jenkins' has been saying for weeks that the best way to fix Social Security is to do at the federal level what Kansas did (under her leadership as State Treasurer) to KPERS- the Kansas state government retirement system. Jenkins actually lead the charge to increase withholdings from employee paychecks. Now she says that's exactly how we should "save Social Security"- more taxes.
And, yes children, there is video:

Golly gee, Lynn...this doesn't seem wise. You remember you're running in a Republican primary, right?

Worth noting that Lynn Jenkins isn't the only Republican jumping on the third rail of politics (Social Security- touch it and you die) in this race, because Jim Ryun is an advocate for privatization. Which extreme will the Republicans prefer?


Anonymous said...

Like, um... what a goofy woman.

Anonymous said...

honestly, folks, i can't believe she's advocating an increase in taxes.

Anonymous said...

wow - she's done

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