Thursday, April 10, 2008

House Balks at President's Demands; Boyda & Moore Stand Up for Kansas

In a direct confrontation with the White House over free trade policies that hurt Kansans, the House of Representatives voted today to change House rules regarding "fast-tracked" trade agreements.


In a clear rebuke of President Bush, the House approved a change to chamber rules on Thursday that would allow Democratic leaders to suspend consideration of a controversial trade deal with Colombia.

A largely divided House voted, 224-195, to suspend a requirement that would force lawmakers to vote on the free-trade deal with Colombia within 60 legislative days from the time Bush sent it to Capitol Hill.

Both Congresswoman Nancy Boyda and Congressman Dennis Moore voted with Kansas and supported the change in rules. Both of our Republican members of the House voted in lock-step with the Bush Administration.

Uncontrolled free trade is a folly- like we've seen with NAFTA. We're proud half of our delegation decided to do the right then and say "no" to further force-fed trade policy.


Anonymous said...

excellent job to the majority on this one! NO MORE FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS!

L-Town Rollers said...
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Anonymous said...

Didn't the D's promise they wouldn't pull these kind of stunts?

Anonymous said...

this wasn't a stunt...this was something that should have happened a loooong time ago

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what Democrats promised not to do. With power comes corruption. It just gets there faster with Democrats. I have yet to see any real quantifiable bad news from NAFTA. I hear this and that and blame it on NATA. When much of what is blamed on NAFTA is what happens when poor policy by the Clinton years is not allowed to be corrected when the Republican were in control of the House. (Note to those uniformed, teh Senate has not allowed numberous votes on appropriate legislature due to needing 60 votes to stop debate. So even with control of the Senate, it takes 60 votes to accomplish anything. You can thank those 41 democrats for not allowing many positive things to be done the last 7 years).
Another issue here is even if NAFTA has all the bad things you say it does, doesn't mean the Columbia agreement is bad. In fact it is one of our better agreements. We are importing their goods without tarrifs while they have tarrifs for ours. This removes the tarrifs paid on our goods meaning a fair trade policy.
This is a great example of how blinded the Democrats are to anything proposed by Republicans. They would rather complain about how trade has hurt our economy but when one actually could help Kansas exports, they only see it is a Republican thing and therefore must be bad. Or they are simply following Pelosi blindly as is my suspicion.
Boyda has not looked at this because if she did, she would see only extra agricultural exports for Kansas. This is an example of her loyality to Democrats over her desire to do what is right for Kansas.

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