Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where for art thou, Lynn?

Still lots and lots to pour over on the FEC reports, and we'll have detailed breakdowns up tomorrow early for both Ryun & Boyda, but the thing that strikes us first today is this: What in the world has happened to the once promising (for moderate Republicans, anyway) campaign of Lynn Jenkins?

For the second quarter in a row, Jenkins hasn't just been out raised by her opponents, she's been trounced by both Jim Ryun and Nancy Boyda. And it hasn't been just a nice, gentle trouncing, either, but a full on, hardcore, full-body trouncing where she's seen the numbers she's put up more than doubled by both of the people she's running against.

Credit where credit is due: Nearly ever penny of Jenkins' money came from Kansas...though more than half of it came from Kansas City and Wichita. Lord knows anyone would be a stronger challenger than Nick Jordan is again Congressman Dennis Moore...but we digress.

Anywho, outside of being embarrassingly small, the thing that really stands out on the Jenkins camp report is the amount of money Jenkins received from pro-choice groups- she took $2,000 this quarter from the PAC Republican Majority for Choice (who aired ads attacking Mitt Romney for flip-flopping on choice when he was running for President- see it here), took $2,810 in contributions earmarked for her from WISH List (which is a group that works to elect pro-choice Republican women), and a $885.43 in-kind donation from WISH List itself for the cost of a mailing.

All of this on the back of the announcement Jenkins will be throwing a fundraiser (in Kansas City, mind you) featuring the poster-child of pro-choice Republicans, former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman. Gov. Whitman should also be remembered as the disgraced former Bush Administration head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Yep, the same director of the EPA that lied to folk in New York about the safety of the air post 9/11, only to see thousands suffer horribly because of it.

Great catch, Lynn. Best you could do? Would no non-disgraced Republicans appear at an event for you?

We don't have any problem with Jenkins being pro-choice- we think that makes her significantly more reasoned than her Republican opponent. However, in a district, and a state, that went for Mike Huckabee in the Presidential Caucus, we can't imagine her very, very public pro-choice positions will help her much in her Primary Election.

Oh, and Lynn? About that $7,767.13 you gave the Dublin Group for "fundraising expenditures?"

They're obviously not worth it.


Anonymous said...

Jenkins has more cash than Ryun the you say "where is she"? Come on she has more money than Ryun and she raised it from Kansans who vote. DC wants either Boyda or Ryun back. BB, what Republican would you like Jenkins to bring in for a fundraiser? You would crucify anyone that was brought in anyway, so why does it matter. Also, there will be more money spent by outside groups than all three candidates combined, so the candidate numbers really are just a fraction of what will be spent. Again BB wants Ryun to win so it will be easier for Boyda.

Anonymous said...

Lynn Jenkins is covered in the blood of innocent babies. I was considering voting for her until I read this. Jim Ryun knows the value of a human life. Lynn can talk all she wants, but abortionist groups like Wish List wouldn't give her money unless they knew she would protect the likes of George Tiller.


Anonymous said...

Would someone actually clarify her abortion position for me? As I understand it she has voted against partial birth abortion and is against any abortion except for life of the mother, rape, and incest...which account for about 4% of all abortions.

If that's the case I would hardly call her pro-choice or a Tiller protector.

Just curious.

Anonymous said...

You don't get money from groups like these unless you promise you're going to vote 100% pro-choice.

It's just like EMILY's List and NARAL on the Democrat side.

Anonymous said...

These groups are abortionist protectors plain and simple. They would not donate money unless they felt that Lynn Jenkins was devoted to continuing the holocaust being carried out against the unborn.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. I'm no fan of Lynn, but good lord. Holocaust? Seriously? Who knew you nutjobs were even reading this blog? Wow.

Anonymous said...

welcome to the kansas republican party.

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