Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BREAKING: Lynn Jenkins withdraws!

In a stunning announcement that came, interestingly, in a form of a telephone call to one of BoydaBloc's writers late last night, Lynn Jenkins has decided to end her campaign ('bout time) for the United States Congress and has thrown her support behind Jim Ryun.

In her exclusive interview with BoydaBloc, Jenkins detailed her decision.

"You know, in the end, I had just forgotten some things about stuff like personal ethics and trust," Jenkins said. "I had forgotten, for instance, that I recorded a TV commercial endorsing Jim in 2004...kind of silly to run against him now, isn't it?"
No kidding.
"Also, the people of Kansas just re-elected me State Treasurer. I mean, they just did that. I know I've never kept an elected position as long as I've been elected to one- well, except the Kansas House of Representatives, but that was easy, the terms are only 2 years long! But, seriously, I didn't complete my whole term in the Kansas Senate before running for Treasurer, and now, if I were to beat Jim and then Congresswoman Boyda, I would have been jumping ship on another elective office.

"I just decided the people of Kansas deserved better from me after all these years of just phoning it in.

"And, on top of that...running in a competitive race isn't nearly as much fun as running basically unopposed. Also, as you could see last quarter, I don't really like raising money...it's a bummer when Republicans say they've already given money to Nancy."
When asked why she was endorsing Jim rather than Congresswoman Boyda, Jenkins giggled, and said:
"You know, in the end, I know Boyda and I are aligned better politically (since we're both pro-choice, stuff like that), but, I guess it just comes down to the Loyalty Oath the state GOP put in place. I just don't really have any other option.

"Hey, another thing...can someone really tell me what good being a CPA is when you're a Member of Congress? Seriously, folks, I've just been saying that for years, no idea if anyone even knows what I'm talking about."
Before the conversation ended, Jenkins graciously complimented this blog on our hard work keeping "all those facts just flying out" about the race.

We appreciate it, Lynn.

And, too all of you out there...........



Anonymous said...

No way dude, she didn't say "HOLY SMOKES!" or "GOLLY GEE" or "GEE WILLIKERS" No one would believe she wrote that ;)

Anonymous said...

Man, this blog really has a thing for Jenkins. Getting kind of petty. When is Jason up for election in Osage City? Maybe Jenkins will run for that.

Anonymous said...

this blog is written by some girl in oklahoma...

Anonymous said...

this was fucking hilarious! great job, BB!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i honest to god spit pepsi all over my computer keyboard when i read the headline...very successful April Fools!

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