Monday, March 31, 2008

Republicans begging for money while Boyda thanks supporters

Today's the last day of the first quarter FEC fundraing period for the good people running for federal office, and in about the last hour we've received e-mails from candidates all over the country begging for money- including Jim Ryun, who says he's only at 55% of his goal of raising $20,000 on the Internet!

Our heart goes out to him in this desperate time.

We've got nothin' new from Lynn Jenkins yet, but she did send out an e-mail last week sometime asking for little contributions ($10, $25, or $50), while Jim's e-mail pushes ya to give $2,300.

No real point, just thought it was interesting. Someone might be able to say something 'bout "small fries vs. big potatoes," but we certainly aren't sayin' it. Also, did anyone else notice in the CQ Politics article we posted earlier that when you call the Jenkins for Congress campaign the number on their web site takes you straight to her campaign manager's cell phone?

Nothing's quite as sad as running a congressional campaign out of your basement.

Nancy Boyda? She sent out an e-mail, too...but instead of begging on her knees for money, she thanked her supporters for helping her already reach her fundraising goal for the quarter.

Today is the final day of the first quarter of 2008, and you know what that means. Our campaign must soon file our quarterly FEC report, disclosing all of the contributions we've received in the last three months.

By long tradition, that means we should send you a high-pitched e-mail this morning, begging for last-minute contributions. Our opponents have already sent their panicked calls for support. One admitted to being $20,000 behind his fundraising goals; the other was $5,000 in the red.

But I have good news. Our campaign has already met our fundraising goal for the first quarter of 2008 -- and that's an enormous credit to your efforts.

You've hosted fundraisers, contributed what you can afford, and served as tireless advocates for our campaign. Thanks to your support, we're entering the second quarter of 2008 on very strong financial footing. Thank you very much!

Of course, our work is not done. A new quarter begins tomorrow, and we'll need your continuing support through Election Day. We'll need your help to share our message with voters and to stem the tide of attack ads. We've done extraordinary work so far, but we must not let up now!

So instead of seeing this e-mail as a final call for first-quarter contributions, consider it an opportunity to leap toward our second-quarter goals. Let's take this chance to show Kansans that our campaign has earned their faith and support.

If you can, please contribute $100, $50, or $25 to start the second quarter off right. Together we can repeat our tremendous success of the first quarter and carry our momentum through Election Day!

With warm thanks,

Nancy Boyda
Member of Congress

After these last ditch efforts (and thank yous for, you know, meeting goals), where will they all end up? Keep on making predictions.


Anonymous said...

Boyda's website doesn't even work. Only thing there is a place to contribute money? Impressive. Nothing like running a campaign out of your congressional office with franking priviledges, taxpayer paid staff, etc.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Boyda and her douche-bag husband lose in November.

"politically vulnerable" in DC is codeword for "loser"

funny how this lame blog won't discuss.

Anonymous said...

actually...scroll down...this "lame blog" beat you to it already.

Anonymous said...

"Only thing there is a place to contribute money?"

I'm confused. Is that a question? Looks like stay reds parents have let him/her back on the internets again. You better dust off your copy of "The Elements of Style" or even some old "Dick and Jane" books. Both would be terrific references to explain the difference between a statement and a question.

Anonymous said...

Congresswoman Boyda's website worked fine for me:

Plenty of info about her votes and what she's done during her first of what will be several terms in Congress.

Anonymous said...

Campaign website, not the one paid for with taxpayer dollars.

AllyK said...

the campaign site says that they are redesigning it, that's probably why there isn't much there right now. maybe since they are redesigning it it means that something will be there post-redesign.

Is that what you mean? that it should be redesigned faster or something? I'm so confused... Maybe you didn't read what the website said

Anonymous said...

It is just funny that the only thing that works is the "ask" for money, when BB just critized Jenkins/Ryun for asking for money.

Anonymous said...

yes, why not criticize boyda for having the only thing on her website that works the "begging for money"

Anonymous said...

it's a brand new web site you horrible people...up just like yesterday.

Anonymous said...

allyk is a horrible person, a typical ends justify the means liberal, much like Jason Coucher who posts 95% of this blogs postings in spite of the fact he works for a regular "non-biased" newspaper in osage county. Oh wait, that is a secret ... sorry Jason.

Boyda Bloc said...

sigh...if you'd, you know, not lie to people, we'd appreciate it.

or was that to be your april fools day joke?

Anonymous said...

Jason is also an elected official who should know better. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Man, you've really got it in for this Jason. Its ridiculous to attack him like that. It's common knowledge that this blog isn't even written in Kansas. Its kept up by some chick in Oklahoma.

Anonymous said...

jason is an elected official...just that much more of a reason to know he's not the one running this blog.

the blog has said it isn't him and everyone at the state party in topeka knows it's a girl named ally doing it all

Anonymous said...

"Campaign website, not the one paid for with taxpayer dollars."

What more does she need for a campaign website than a request for donations? If you want to learn about her, go to her real website. And like her campaign website says, it's being redesigned, so you should infer that more content will be added soon.

Anonymous said...

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