Monday, March 3, 2008

Writing about the other side

Every once in awhile we get a few comments that run another the lines of, "I thought this was supposed to be about Nancy Boyda, why do you spend all your time attacking Jim Ryun/ Lynn Jenkins?"

Those comments and e-mails are....tedious.... because from where we sit it's so abundantly clear we do spend almost all of our time talking about Nancy Boyda and only a tiny, tiny amount of time is spent on her Republican opponents.

While one would think simply, oh, reading the blog would prove that point, we're starting to think some of our readers actually can't read, so we'll put the numbers together for you.

With this post, we've posted 126 times since October of last year. A full 100 of those posts have been either about something Nancy Boyda has done or have been defending her against unwarranted attacks. In other words, nearly 80% of the time, this blog is Boyda stem-to-stern.

We're written about Jim Ryun 14 times- or 11% of the total posts. We've talked about him campaigning in Hawaii and Disney World to represent you and me, and we've made it a point to tell you he can't manage his own money.

Lynn Jenkins, who interestingly enough has only appeared in the blog 9 times (7% of the posts), but has generated the most comments of anything anyone has done in relation to this race. We're guessing it's either because she and her supporters or particularly sensitive and, thus, out of their league, or that she's got one or two really dedicated supporters who just like to type. Either way, she never fails to drive the hit count much so, it'd be lovely if we could find more to write about her..but she doesn't make the news very often. When she does though, boy, it's a doozy!

Finally, 4 posts, or 3% of the totally were about Jim AND, fine, a total of 20% of this Nancy Boyda blog is about her opponents. But those posts are (normally) so few and far between you've got to be pretty narrow in your view to think it's all we do. Honestly, Congresswoman Boyda does too much good for us to have much time to spend digging up the bad on the Republicans.

So, folks, chew on that. The blog is here to talk about Nancy Boyda, and we do most of the time. But, sometimes, the two people running to oppose her are just too easy of targets for us to ignore.

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Anonymous said...

no comments...hmmm...Republicans deal so badly with facts that make them liars, huh?

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