Monday, March 10, 2008

Boyda introduces resolution to congratulate KU's football program

In a little bit of personal privilege (and, yes, some legislative fluff), Congresswoman Nancy Boyda introduced a resolution commending the Kansas University football team for winning the 2008 FedEx Orange Bowl and having the most successful year in program history.

Her floor statement:

"Madam Speaker, I rise today to introduce H.Res. 948, which honors the University of Kansas football program on their recent victory at the Orange Bowl and their most successful year in program history.

"On January 3rd, the KU football team won the 2008 FedEx Orange Bowl, marking their first major bowl victory in university history. Leading up to the bowl game, the team placed 12 wins on their roster, setting a new school record for wins in a season. KU also reached the number two spot of the AP national poll, which marked the highest national ranking that the program has ever received.

"Among their athletic accomplishments this season, the team also produced three students who received All-American titles for their performances on the field and two other students who were Academic All-American recipients. Head Coach Mark Mangino also received multiple national Coach of the Year honors.

"Please join me in recognizing these accomplishments and congratulating KU on their amazing victories this season."
The resolution should come to a vote later this week- and we'll assume it will pass (unless the Missouri delegation teams up with Nebraska and Okkahoma...then we might have ruckus on the floor...).

Rock Chalk!


Anonymous said...

Sounds nice but isn't she a little slow on the trigger with this ..... it is mid-March already. I guess better late than never.

Anonymous said...

people just can't be happy, can't they?

KSU Blue said...


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