Saturday, March 8, 2008

BoydaBloc Does Some Upgrading

Happy weekend, readers!

Anyone visiting the site will notice a shiny new box at the top left hand side: We're proud to announce we're taking subscriptions to our little blog via e-mail. So, if you'd like BoydaBloc to appear in digest form in your Inbox every single evening, we'd love for you to take advantage. It's free (of course) and just another service we're excited to supply.

Slightly further down the page, you'll see a link to subscribe to our blog feed as provided by FeedBurner. Again, please, we'd love you to sign up however you're comfy signing up- but please don't think we want you to stop visiting...the page views make us nearly giddy.

This blog has grown from infancy in the middle of October last year to become the hottest blog in Kansas- and, of course, the best place to get all your Nancy Boyda related news. We'll have a party in a few days...we're approaching 10,000 hits, and we'll want to let you know the minute that happens.

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